What have you 'Wombled' today?

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  • Ooh, I forgot I got a little flat(ish) screen TV for my little girl, a ride in truck and trailer and an oil filled radiator. My 5 year old girl absolutely loves it. She's always on the look out for bits and bobs for her too.

  • At the UKH campsite, Marian wombled a camp kettle that had lost it's handle - "You can make a new one, can't you?" - and a grill to put over a fire or barbie, and - wait for it - a whole ruddy Halfords tent, minus most of it's poles, that some non-hippy overnight campers had chucked away!
    It's drying out on the line at the moment, and she says it will be cut up for groundsheets and flysheets and the like. (I'm trying to persuade her to tidy it up with a few more poles, and give it to her brother when he wants to 'borrow' a tent. (He rarely gives things back, and we have to chase them, you know the sort of guy...).

  • A play station two was today's womble. Not sure if it works yet as didn't have any controllers. Not really sure if I'd use it as we're not really game players. Also came in a rather lovely basket which I'll definitely keep. Every days a womble day! I could easily become a hoarder if I wasn't careful to clear out! Hee Hee. Gimme 20 years!

  • I just gave a way my 43" plasma TV 'cos it is way too thirsty, and got given a little 24" LCD in exchange, oddly enough the small tv uses more juice, I sometimes I don't think I am doing this wombling thing correctly.

    Still, sell it and get 50 quid or so more towards a decent low power LED TV.

  • I gave away the 24" LCD tv a couple of weeks ago ( for use as a computer moniter for a partialy sighted lady I am caring for) and got given another out of the blue today, weird, it will probably get passed along to someone new too,I know i have no use for it.

    Anyway, scored a pair of almost new Bluetooth headphones, just a small break to fix. Red colour, which I am not sure about, but free is free and I was after a pair of decent over ear headphones. My ear buds are painful after an hour or so.

  • We wombled a heavy-duty sack barrow the other day, chucked out because the pneumatic tyres were gone.
    Luckily Screwfix had some solid ones that fitted, so for a few quid we now have a strong sack barrow, just when we needed one!

  • A while back I noticed a couple of sunloungers someone chucked in the hedge just up the road from my house. We had good weather last week so I had a look at them, having previously assumed they were broken, and found they just needed a clean up! Trouble is I get woken up by Germans putting their towels on them at 5 am.

  • Found a bit of worktop in a skip, but only about a foot wide; same as the worktop I got last month for a tenner. Cut it to size and it made a nice front support for the cupboard units I put in yesterday, doubles as a kick board, and matches the worktop.
    With the cupboards costing 99p, the whole unit was less than £11, which is a bit of a result I think :-)

    Kitchen cupboard.JPG

  • My partner came home yesterday proudly dragging a wombled rosemary bush. It was absolutely massive, he'd carried/dragged it home having salvaged it from someone's skip outside there house. We have now replanted it and named it Ronald. Hopefully it will survive 😊 but if anyone needs any rosemary, feel free to have some, we now have an over abundance!

  • He may have shot himself in the foot, rosemary specially the smell of it's essential oil is supposed to improve your memory so no excuse for forgetting anniversaries, birthdays etc.

  • Luckily he's excellent at remembering birthdays and anniversaries, its me that has a memory like a sieve 😉 Ronald is currently doing well in the garden, we've been giving him loads of compost to make up for the shock of being ripped out of the ground, and losing half his roots in the process 😊

  • Make sure you water him well, to settle him in, and if he rocks about a bit when it's windy, you might have to tie him to a post, or reduce the height of him...good luck Ronald :waves:

  • Make sure you water him well, to settle him in, and if he rocks about a bit when it's windy, you might have to tie him to a post, or reduce the height of him...good luck Ronald :waves:

    Thank you x we have been watering him, and making blender compost for him with all our veggie peels, tea bags and egg shells, so hopefully he will thrive. We dug the hole fairly deep, so he seems pretty sturdy at the moment. I'm told that rosemary is quite a hardy plant, so I'm hoping his roots grow back. He's easily as tall as a toddler, and twice as wide though, so not sure how much of his root system he definitely needs, the last owners sadly butchered him 😞 x

  • Don't over water it though, also don't over feed it as the taste is better by all accounts. Napoleon loved the smell of rosemary and according to the French the smell of it makes men better lovers :o

  • When the rosemary gets established, hopefully by next Spring, and sends out new shoots, you can take cuttings of these quite easily; at least two-thirds will grow. We've had so many come sometimes that we have given them away, or sold them very cheaply at car boot sales. Then you can plant a few of these little Ronalds to eventually become bushes in their own right, because rosemary tends to become leggy and a bit gaunt as it gets older, say five or six years or so, and Ronald is probably at this stage now. He -it - will carry on growing though, but with less vigour and less shoots as years pass. So take a few little Ronalds at the first opportunity!

  • OK......this is really difficult to describe, but a cool idea to take loads of cuttings so they take up very little space. Searched You tube but couldn't find a tutorial.

    If you are taking semi hardwood cuttings of most shrubs you can get away without using pots. Get a strip of plastic (from a sturdy carrier bag or the like) cut a strip 6 inches wide by about 15 inches long.

    Mix up some potting compost and sand to get a free draining mix. Lay a half inch thick and 3 inch wide strip of compost along one side of the length of the plastic.

    Lay out all your cuttings every inch or so, cut points to the middle of your plastic with about an inch in the compost and 1-2 inches sticking out.

    Fold over the plastic to cover the compost. Then roll the whole thing up like a swiss roll. Finish with an elastic band to keep it from unravelling.

    Basically you get a swiss roll of plastic with a thin sandwich of compost and loads of cuttings per rolled 'pot'. A couple of small holes in the bottom will stop it getting waterlogged and if you use clear plastic, you can even see when roots start developing.

    Reading that back probably makes no sense at all............it's easier if you can see it. I've taken loads of shrub cutting like this.

  • Awww, thankyou for the advice 😊 when its not dark out, I shall take a picture of him. Taking cuttings is a good idea, I shall let my man do this though, as I don't want to damage his treasured find. He's really rather proud of himself x

  • Not a wombled but a bargain for my lass - she got herself a dark wool blazer style jacket for £8. Chuffed she is. Skint am I?

  • Don't over water it though, also don't over feed it as the taste is better by all accounts. Napoleon loved the smell of rosemary and according to the French the smell of it makes men better lovers :o

    I have now got Rosemary bushes in planters all around the bedroom....:thumbup: :sex:

  • took my daughter into Worcester for a meal today , spotted a skip with the carpet and underlay from some offices being done up took some out gave the once over , clean , tidy almost new , its now in her living room in her new flat.

    she is well chuffed.

  • Got two lovely cushions for the guest chair out of a charity bin. The 'chair' was made from two ply boxes I found a month before outside a skip.

    Also an oap walking frame (can't believe a charity would throw that away!)

    For the first time in my life, I got food from a bin...and I ate it! Had green beans and sugar snap peas, plus kiwis and some bread! Marks and Spencer's I'll have you know! It was the tastiest food I've ever eaten.

    Picked up some acorns today, currently soaking them in cold water. First time with them, so I'll see how it goes. Was rather fun smashing them with a hammer.