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  • Hi all.
    I'm attempting to start to be more self sufficient, so am going to start growing some of my own food. Hopefully...
    I'm just in my current place for a year or so, so going to be using containers. Does anyone use those bag things? If so, are they any good?
    I already grow my own herbs, and am going to plant peppers, chillies, lettuce, green beans, tomatoes and spinach. She says!
    Any other suggestions of what's pretty easy for a newbie to grow? I like all the things I'm growing so hoping they're easy.
    Also got some of that copper tape stuff to repel slugs. I can't stand slugs so hope it works... Any other tips to keep the buggers away gratefully received!

    Many thanks in advance x

  • Lettuce, radish, spinach, pac choi, chinese lettuce are all viable to grow in containers/grow bags now , as are quite a few herbs , but it is to late in the year to make planting tomatoes,peppers or beans worthwhile.
    Chillis ? if you have somewhere warm to over winter them , then yes , go for it , but you wont get a crop this year , but next year you will :)

  • Good luck with your gardening. Sounds great.
    The good thing about containers is you can shift them about.
    Also if you have the containers at waist height you can garden without the added pain in the back of bending over.
    Coffee is good slug repellent, pine needles, beer, cornmeal trap ( jar with cornmeal inside)

    As for what to grow... i think you have a nice list of things there and anything else YOU like to eat.
    Lets face it if you are not going to eat it whats the point in growing it.
    Berries, strawberries would be a good idea too as you have a lot of salad and savoury vegetables in your list.

    If you really want to minimise slugs you could build a small temporary pond to attract the birds in for a drink. Song Thrush birds love to eat slugs.
    Good Luck in your garden :waves:

  • Thank you for the suggestions.
    I did wonder if it was a bit too late for some things. There's a sort of conservatory thing, so can put the chillies in there.
    I like the idea of coffee, and also liking the pond idea... I'd love a pond! Seen a thing where you use tyres and tarpaulin, so that's an option.
    Thank you so much for the help so far! [emoji4]

  • If your growing in containers then it's easy to clear the slug/snail population, copper round the container will work but they also don't like sharp things like sand, egg shell which if you put in a tray and your container in the tray will stop the slugs but also your sand from washing away easier than just sprinkling ro u nd a container. You can grow anything in containers, spuds work great but too late.

    You could try cauiflowers but never tried them in containers, cabbages, broccoli. Lettuce will grow quick but when you sow the seed they don't like the soil being hot. Rocket grows really quick as does baby gem once it gets going. You could also try radish, their really easy and you get a quick crop, you could also try spring onions.

  • Living in a damp climate I get serious slug attacks. The most effective way I found is to go out before bedtime with a torch and a sharp pointy thing - I use half an old hacksaw blade ground to a point - and let the slaughter commence. Never mind the karma, your lettuce will thank you. Until you eat them, of course.