Lovely places to park up

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  • Hey folks,

    I have my van (Renault master), I am hoping to have it ready for Sept, to do a bit of a road trip from Cornwall to Scotland. Much as I've always had itchy feet, having 3 children with 7 year age gaps has kept me busy, but now it's my time. I'm hoping to get some advice on any lovely park ups through out the country, little secrets of beautiful places, or do you have somewhere I could pull on to for a couple of days. Look forward to hearing your thoughts....:D

  • That wasn't my experience Firetree, I'm just back from 12 weeks working in south Devon, staying on a camp site. There are park ups alright, but I only found them after being in the place a couple of weeks and keeping my eyes open, and they're not all that common. All the council run car parks have no sleeping notices, and decent laybys (those with a bit of land between layby and road) are only found on trunk roads. I found the best places are those parking bays in towns which restrict you to one or two hours up until 6pm, after which they can be overnighted on without problems. Occasionally a small village with restricted access has it's own car park which can be overnighted in, sometimes with a small honesty box for a quid or two. These are only found by searching though. Good luck!

  • Once you get to the SW, there is a park-up around every corner!

    the places are there yes but the summer months bring the onslaught of tourism ...Autumn winter and spring are the best times to travel and find somewhere to stop in the SW especially Cornwall

  • i have had tyres slashed twice in cornwall and this is not uncommon in cornwall they dont want us there despite the fact that we spend money in their community ..totally different in france where they want you to spend in their towns and welcomed as well..but scotland is good in my exsperience..

  • Thank you guys, Well I live in Cornwall, so looking forward to getting out! Thank you popuptoaster I will have a look at that.
    That's is sad Wanderingwill as I think most of us are lovely folk and Cornwall has a pretty big alternative community. I also found France really welcoming when we went a few years ago.