Ethical / Eco friendly plant food / fertiliser

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  • I need some fertiliser for the plastic planters on my balcony - which basically means I can't logistically shovel a load of horse shit up to a 5th floor central London apartment.

    So, does anyone know if there's anything I can buy that's eco-friendly and doesn't contain any animal products (beyond a small amount of wild animal poop)?

  • If you have access to nettles or comfrey you can make your own 'tea' without the stink.

    Uses two plastic pop bottles, (scavenged from your neighbours plastic recycling box)

    Cut the top off one bottle, just above the label/below the shoulder.
    This will be the catcher.

    Cut the bottom off a second bottle, make a small hole in the bottle cap.
    This will be the brew chamber.

    Stuff the brew chamber with leaves and push this bottle into the catcher.
    It will be a tight fit, so there should be no smell escaping.

    The bottom of the brew chamber is then pushed into the brew chamber to form a tight fitting plug, again stopping the smell.

    The leaves will rot down and release their liquid which collects in the bottom of the device.
    It can be bottled for storage, then diluted at somewhere approaching 50:1 for an ancient plant food.

    The device can either be washed out and refilled, or separated into plastic/green waste on the night before the refuse is collected.


  • I swear by rock dust...makes stuff go ballistic...B&Q even sell it as Verve volcanic rock dust...10 kg though but I seen your legs I tree stumps, so you'll be alright (I didn't look for too long, not my thing). Only need a titch for pots mind.

  • I'm going to look into all of these, but storing and processing large amounts of fertiliser probably won't be too practical for where I live.

    These are the herbs I've got growing outside my front door - and the planters on my balcony are pretty much the same. You wouldn't believe this is a 5th floor landing would you?


    Anyway - thank you :)