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  • Hope this is at home here. OK I've grown up with crop circles in the media and have heard views from both believers and the laughing brigade. From the aerial views I have seen in photographs and on TV. They look very accurate and well planned.
    If man made, it would require a group effort to pull it off without being caught. With this in mind. People talk/brag/cock up, easily make mistakes carrying out the simplest of group tasks. Yet beautiful crop circles are often found in the British Countryside and are no doubt world wide by now.

    What are your thoughts on these displays of agri art or messages from beyond our planet? Has anyone actually seen a crop circle in person? Walked within one? Had dealings in making one happen?

    Has anyone been influenced by stories of alian visitors and crop circles, even the creation of ancient monuments have been suggested to be from another species or timeline.

    If they are man made, would you like to see. More of them? Do you consider it to be environmental damage? Should farmers be entitled to compensation from the government (tax payer) or Ministry of Defence?

    Is there a argument for increased tourism and rural economic benefits by keeping crop circles, instead of farmers mowing them within days of there appearance.

    Could it be the next form of advertising? Redbull, Tesco or web addresses? So what's your views?

  • I love them :)
    I've visited one over near Alton Barnes a few years back now... we walked up to it and went inside it and tried to pick up on any ambience - was a very pleasant experience.
    Have watched loads of documentaries on them aswell - there's a researcher guy with a wilts accent, lives over there on the plains somewhere and I like his take on it all the best.... he says it doesn't matter whether they are manmade or otherwise... they know the difference because of changes that happen in the crop on a molecular level and that the crop is not damaged AT ALL where as the manmade ones can damage the crop... what interests him is what drives the people who make the man made ones... some of the manmade ones are deeply complex mathematics when someone analyses them but the guys on the ground say they go out with planks of wood attached to ropes and use ropes to measure and mark out the formations - there is plenty of video evidence knocking around the net of some stunning crop art work done in the dead of night in exactley that way.... but not all of them are manmade and there is also some stunning footage of crop circles appearing in real time under hovering and darting orbs of light...

    I hope the corporations don't start using it for advertising - that would be disgusting!!

    Whatever is behind the crop circles, I love them and there is a certain mysteriousness about a lot of them being concentrated around the salisbury plain and much of the plain is owned and operated on by the MOD....

    Maybe it's squaddies fuelled on lsd ;)

  • I'm now wondering what changes ( if any) on a molecular level could be? Is this actually validated by the science community? I've yet to see one made by a object or light source in real time. I think a hour or two on YouTube is called for. From what I gather only one person has been charged with the making of a crop circle and he was fined £100.

  • I thought they were all done by those two old chaps from Wiltshire...........Superman 1 and 2...........must have some magical powers to zoom around the planet making them.............also, just why, if these people boasting about doing them are telling the truth.......why are the farmers not suing them for damaging the crops ? .........Oh, hang on...........I know why the farmers don't sue..........it's them pesky Badgers and Foxes wot does it........

  • Just be careful you don't get sucked into *that* part of youtube were all the music is uber dramatic and where we're all gonna die maaaaaan :lol:

  • oh dear ... i hope not!

    editted to add:

    just googled that and says the farmer did it as a message against live animal testing - fuckin cool :)

  • Has anyone actually seen a crop circle in person? Walked within one?

    Yes and yes... and not in the south West either, but a far rarer North East example at Benton on North Tyneside.

    This was back in 1991, and I think it was the last one to appear in this part of the world. It was probably man-made, a basic circle, strategically placed next to the Newcastle - Whitley Bay Metro (light railway) line, it must have been seen by thousands of people.

    Whatever its origins, there was a sort of magic about it, which perhaps begs the question : does it really matter how they're made ? A crop circle's a crop circle at the end of the day... it seems a bit strange to hear some of them dismissed as 'hoaxes'.

  • I think they're great. I've seen a few, walked in them as well. Nothing happened to me, my phone didn't stop working.

    One time almost 30 years ago I was driving back across the South downs on a stormy night with intermittent cloud cover, as I went over a hill the clouds moved allowing the moon to shine and looking down to the bottom of the valley I saw a large crop circle that I am pretty sure wasn't there a few moments before. It totally creeped me out so I didn't hang around to investigate.

  • I don't have any direct experience of crop circles only known folk into them. The one fella, who travelled to see them said that once he got to know one inner circle, that he was told that most, as far as they knew, were man made by themselves and others. Still, I read an interesting theory earlier today that said that "plasma" discharge can cause them. If anything can then this can as it can make elaborate discharge shapes in space and is "non" living as we know it. The first state of matter. Three can's in a sentence. I think they're probably all man made but I wouldn't be that surprised if I was wrong.

  • Good old Doug n Dave...

    It seems quite certain that they did more or less kick-start the whole thing, but I dont think I've ever heard them explain what on Earth (or off Earth, even) motivated them to make circles in crops in the first place.

  • I went to see Professor David Scwheitzer, son of the famous naturopath (I think naturopath) Albert Scwheitzer, many moons ago. I learnt recently that he wasn't even a professor or a doctor. Much opf his work is still held in pretty high esteem though, supposedly. Anyway, he took photos, using some kind of fluorescence microscope, of glasses of water that had been placed inside crop circles and supposedly the geometry was recreated by the water in the glass. I can't find the photos on the net though they were in a book, honest

  • There's plenty of Harly Street "doctors" been pretending. So, unless Google bullshit police can shine a light on it.
    Whenever I have tried to reproduce his experiment, using only a pint of Special brew instead of water. All I see is, Tractor tyre marks and the odd midge.

  • I have the good fortune to park up at the barge inn ,honeystreet, alton barnes allegedly the crop circle centre of the universe on a regular basis and over the years have seen and heard it all from tourists and visitors from all over the place , my fave is when they say ' gee man i was just in a circle and my cell-phone wouldnt work , zero signal' , thats true for about 80% of rural wiltshire :rolleyes:

  • Arrhhhh! The campsite at the barge inn.
    So you may have strolled upto Willow World.
    It's said that if you enter Willow World from the campsite blindfolded. That if you don't stop your walking once on level land, you end up requiring a full change of clothes. Lots of good energy to be found around WillowWorld

  • not sure that the new peeps will have much say in the campsite , the owner of the place has his own agenda , just be warned the campsite may not have the same vibe when the current tenants are forced out. almost a certainty that vehicles with chimneys (live-in vehicles) will not be as welcome, if allowed on site at all :(

  • Yes, and with a generous helping of manure and watered in with cider, it can only be aliens!

    I've heard of a few others who planted last years Cannimatoe seeds. Looks like it was a infertile seed batch. Saying that Pluo Pete said he had grown a new parallel variety of crop circle. I was amazed when I went to view it. Sure enough, still visible on the ground. Funnily enough, they headed straight to the field gate.

  • not sure that the new peeps will have much say in the campsite , the owner of the place has his own agenda , just be warned the campsite may not have the same vibe when the current tenants are forced out. almost a certainty that vehicles with chimneys (live-in vehicles) will not be as welcome, if allowed on site at all :(

    Wow that's a shame about the barge inn , passed through there for the last few yeas after doing the solstice at avebury for a beer and free game of pool , which gets me to the point of crop circles , saw my first ever one last year along the ridgeway , I was walking from my truck up to the green lane that goes down into avebury ( where the horsedrawn park up ) and there it was quite impressive whoever done it