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  • I seen this a while ago and it pretty much kick started me to the decision that I wanted to live on the road. A guy single handledy using nothing but stones, trees, mud, clay, fire and water builds his own home, and lives in it for some time. It's beautiful to watch, inspiring. You get a real sense of craftsmanship. It's an example of how we could live in more harmony with the earth. Not exactly in mud huts, but being more sustainable and ecological.…DnpClM4NUJ_5bEv34f3ePjLiu

  • Excellent, this guy makes Ray Mears look like a cub, and Ray's a sicko at bushcraft!

    Just wondering what country was this, lol and did he have to pay any council tax?

  • I did some research, it's on the north eastern tip of Austrailia, Jardine National Park... Not far from Papua New Guinea..

    I think the council tax was quite reasonable. :D

    All mother nature asked is that you only took what you need and waste nothing.

    I have a particular interest in prehistory and primitive man (so so strange) ahah... So seeing this it blew me away, because you can just imagine this is how pre historic man would have lived. no doubt about it.

  • Cool stuff,Id imagine he's spent some time with tribes maybe in Papua New Guinea or studied them or maybe the Amazon Delta to be so proficient...Ray Mears has done and is quite proficient at things we rarely see in his progs,but talks about in hs books but I think he probably concentrates in his made for tv audience progs on what most modern bushcrafters want to know and learn- setting up quick bivvies hunting for food and moving on- and perhaps tweek the interest of those teetering on the edge rather than in depth stuff of surviving long term like this guy.
    Id love to see more of this guys work and hope he doesnt go the usual TV celeb route.There's a huge amount to be learned from 'primitive' tribes that still hang on in parts of the world if we took more interest in how they live instead of trying to 'civilise' and convert them to modern living or wiping them out and stealing their resouces and land.

  • Really it would take much more effort to build something like that to live a simple life hidden away in this country somewhere. If you look at the cob/strawbale round houses that Tony Wrench builds they are not that removed from this.

    I really enjoyed the video