Nomads.... I miss you lot

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  • Hello my dear green darlings from a very-not-green New York

    Working like a beast over here but missing you guys every single day. I keep reading the forums and dreaming about getting back to life in a van but for now it seems so far off.

    I have a nice apartment with a wonderful roommate but maaaaan it's just not the same as living life in my beautiful van. It may be shit and it may be old and it may break down more times that it starts up but I do miss the jolly ol' thing. Sleeping inside sucks. I feel hot all the time. And trapped all the time. I spend about 1.5-2 hours every night wandering around the streets of my neighbourhood talking to random people and watching the world go by just because I cannot stand the sight of a brick wall.

    I'll be back in UK territory on August 28, and DAAAAAAMN am I looking forward to it. I reckon I might have to upgrade little Snail. I can't stand living in a house so I'm going to have to upgrade to a van that I can live in long term.

    Hippy Raffi 101 here we go......


    Keep posting beautiful things and know that I am lurking around somewhere smiling when I hear of your progress

    Much love and rainbow flowers


  • :hug:Hey Raffi, keep smiling won't be long now, I must admit NY is not a place i've ever wanted to visit, I even turned down a free mini trip to there once.

  • Raffi ...i wonderd why u were so qwiet lately :) Our green and pleasant land misses u too