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    Sounds like you're getting sorted, but a book is a good idea.

    I remember, years ago, a beautifully illustrated book that included a puzzle, that led to a treasure. Wasn’t the artist Kit something....?

    This may not be your thing at all, it's just an idea for any skint artists. The prize could be a percentage of sales. If you're canny, you could do a series. Your puzzle would need to be quite tricky, but this could be fun to invent – it’s a lot of work and I don’t know if Kit watsit made a penny.

    I think that people are spending more as a percentage on fun rather than stuff. Hence Alton Towers etc. But that's just a guess.

    Danaan is cool.

    Cedrus L.

  • Do you mind if i ask what your sister does Aman to be a millionaire? I used to be pretty obsessed with money, now im a bit more relaxed, and not restricting the things i do in order to save any. I used to feel bad if i didnt save X amount when i got paid. Then i relaised if i died tomorrow, its no good to me then. So, im still sensible with my money, and i get paid a pretty good wage, but im always trying to figure out ideas etc. I did make some money making supplements one time, putting them into pill capsules and sellnig them in bags, profitable, but its took hours to make them for a few quid per bag. Just took too much time in the end and i only have my weekends as it is. I see all these rich people on tv etc, youtube, makes you feel like your doing somthing wrong, how have they got all this stuff. I manage well enough as i am, but i certainly wouldnt turn down that amount of money, just so i could spend every day of my life travelling.

  • What I have found out about wealthy people. Or should I say self made wealthy people. And how they differ from me. I have worked for and got to know a few in my time.

    1/They are not always the brightest of people. No judgement intended, just what I've noticed. Which really means we are all capable of making it and having wealth.

    2/They are happy, or have no problem "using" people. In fact this is a large part of there success. What you and me might see as lack of conscience, they see as business. "If you don't wont to do it, I'm not forcing you" attitude. In fact they see it as creating jobs/ wealth. Think JD Sports built on zero hour contracts and shitty pay. Some might say the boss is a greedy git, but students earning a few quid are quite happy working for him to get some beer money. So essentially a "mind set" of "I am creating"

    3/They rarely do any of the work themselves. This is probably a continuation from 2. But is important because they "create" the idea, others fulfill it.

    4/ They are masters at thinking BIG. If there are millions of people on the planet, they see endless potential for there service or product. And they will think of as many ways as possible of exploiting this. That's not to be negative, they are masters of marketing. Or getting there "thing" out there.

    So basically what I have found is when they find something that will make a profit, they will market this to it's full potential. Using other people or whatever it takes to get it out to the widest audience. If they can make £1 profit from something, they are thinking of ways to sell one million.


    Well, I knew a guy who advertised for window cleaning canvassers. The deal was for every house you get to say "yes" to a window clean, you get the money for the first clean. His phone rang off the hook. He soon had an army of young guys out there knocking on doors offering a window cleaning service.

    He then advertised for a window cleaner, must have transport, ladders etc. He then went and did the cleaning for a set amount of money per day. He would also collect the money and give it to this guy.

    I don't know how many guys he had working for him in the end, but he did tell me that if he wasn't earning £500 per day, someone was nicking from him. A DAY!!!!!!!!!

    Love and peace.

    (Had more examples but bed calls.ZZzzzzzzz )

  • Hi again. I was going to give some more examples, but to be honest, they all follow the same theme. It aint what you do, tis the way that you do it.

    The upshot with the window cleaning guy was he bought a property in Spain. Mortgage free.

    Then he sold off his rounds in portions. I believe the rounds are worth 5x the monthly income or some sell for up to 10x

    So £2000 a month round sells for between £10,000 to £20,000. You do the maths on how many he sold.

    Now I am told he has a few properties in Spain and lives off the rental income.

    The other gem I was told by a rich guy, DO WHAT YOU KNOW.

    Hey Paul, as you already do design and t-shirts have a look at this book Threads Not Dead http://www.howtostartaclothingcompany.com/threads-not-dead/

    Good luck people

  • Hi Darren,

    Yeh sorry, should have explained that a bit more.

    The guy was basically saying "do what you know" because we under estimate how much knowledge and information we have regarding something we have done as a job, or hobby or simple passion. We under estimate how many contacts we have in that area, and general feel for what is that will sell or be worth money.

    To go into a brand new "game" maybe a massive learning curve, and take years to build up the knowledge they have. And yet we have vast knowledge in what we already do and love.

    He wasn't saying don't go into a new field, but more along the lines of, it doesn't matter what you sell or do to make money, but if it is an area you already have a lot of knowledge, contacts, information, you will be already ahead of the game, and be much more believable. And able to make money straight away.

    A good example would be the series "Breaking Bad". A science teacher knows how to cook amazing meth, knows it makes amazing money but ................. knows nobody in the industry, has no contacts or knowledge about distribution. Tough.

    We have more value within ourselves, and knowledge about things, that we really do not appreciate - or recognize. But should.

    Another maxim might be "Do what you love"


  • As a born hippie I was always brought up with do what you love, which is probably why I'm so passionate about my ideas,
    My father once told me with regards to work if your not enjoying it STOP
    I agree totally you will gain more in life mentally and feel happier doing what you love than working at a till all day......unless you lo e working at a till all day and in that case go for it lol

  • I used to be very interested in web design many years ago (20 years ago) and it is still something that interests me but technology has moved on so fast that it just left me behind. I have a catalogue of ideas that could make money if I had development skills so i have enrolled on a web development course covering HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, JOuery, Bootstrap, Wordpress, PHP, MySQL, APIs and Mobile Apps.

    There are lots of ways I can earn quick money with the above skills. My day job puts me in contact with a lot of start ups. We can offer them a website along with their vehicle graphics and t-shirts etc. We could put together a start up pack.

    I have my own ideas for websites that could bring in money.

    I can design industry specific website plug ins that i could licence to thee sign industry.

    I could offer graphic design to other web designers.

    I could design wordpress themes.

    I could freelance as a developer

    I also have a couple of App ideas that have been on the back burner for a while because I need someone to develop them.

    Even teaching web design could be a possibility.

    I am not saying that I want to be a full time web developer but a lot of the things I have in my head would involve me having to employ a developer to make them real. once I have finished the course I should be able to do a lot of the development myself or if I do need to employ someone at least I will be able to communicate with them in the same language.

    You can't have too many skills


  • Hi Folks! Recently I read two really useful books: "The Moneyless Man" by Mark Boyle about his year of living a fee economic, moneyless life for a year. The other is "How I Lived on a Pound a Day" by Kath Kelly. I prefer the 2nd one I found it realistic for my personality but each to their own. I've heard of another book "Meine Liebe Ohne Geld" (My life without Money) written by an old German lady sorry can't remember her name. Really great saving tips in all of them, just manage what's relevant to you. Good luck!

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  • I have had a friend whose made not up to £500 a week doing this, but it's a little bit extra in your pocket. It's more dependant on traffic and click throughs. Also having good search engine optimisation, (:

  • Hi
    I run a small online business using PPC google adwords making good money. It can be done with hard work, learning and patience, and its all legitimate and growing. I totally understand where you are coming from about leaving the ' usual ' earning world behind and doing something else with your life. My awakening for want of a better phrase was 5 years ago when my wife had a serious illness, i had a great job in IT but realised how short life is and we only get 1 so wanted to make the most of it. What i do allows me the freedom to work when i want, where i want and for however long i want.

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do as you have taken the 1st very important step by making the decision to do it.

    All the best


  • Right icame up with this idea ages ago n so far i hav kept it to myself but I am willing to share with you lot. All you need is a small patch of ground and a little amount of time

    Homing pigeons , breed and sellthem. The best bit is you can sell the same bird over n over.

  • Right icame up with this idea ages ago n so far i hav kept it to myself but I am willing to share with you lot. All you need is a small patch of ground and a little amount of time

    Homing pigeons , breed and sellthem. The best bit is you can sell the same bird over n over.

    Do you need to be a member of the 'Feather-rated Union of Bird Breeders'?

  • Right icame up with this idea ages ago n so far i hav kept it to myself but I am willing to share with you lot. All you need is a small patch of ground and a little amount of time

    Homing pigeons , breed and sellthem. The best bit is you can sell the same bird over n over.

    Are you selling a homing pigeon starter pack with free mentoring via a special rate phone line ?

  • This can definitely work. If you happen to have a website and enough traffic the monetising a blog or website could earn you that kind of money.

    If you are starting from scratch and learning your way it might take 6 months or more to develop your content and get visitors depending on how popular your site is you might make 500 a year?

    All sites are different and some might be worth more than others but if don't have 10000's of uniques users in a month . you are unlikely to make much more than 10 a month.

    I once found a popular type of site and made my own site based on this niche. It worked out well for a while but for quite a few reasons it didn't last for more than six months. But during that time things went from 10 a month to 50 to 320 and up a month. Bear in mind the site had 2m unique visitors a month after 6 months

    I've never been able to replicate this with a new website. I've never been able to rediscover that amount of traffic by design since. But I remain hopeful and do intend to keep experimenting and find it again one day!

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  • I work for a major bookie. I disagree with the above as money making advice. And note your a affiliate URL.

    Gambling is a way to lose not make money.

  • I used to promote an on-line casino, and I made some good money sometimes. You get a percentage of the losses made by people you introduce - 25% in my case. They spend a lot of money on psychologists to persuade people to bet more, and some losses were quite horrendous. You need to be careful when dealing with casinos, and not gamble. There seem to be 3 ways to make money from casinos.

    1. Own the casino :)
    2. Be an affiliate and promote them, but don't gamble with your earnings.
    3. Be a house poker player, and bet with the casinos money.

  • Udemy is another idea.


    It will take a little effort, but you can use your specialist knowledge to teach other people - you'll need to create course material, video tutorials, mp3 downloads etc. but once done people (theoretically) pay to take your course and the money starts dripping in.

    I like this idea. I am studying with udemy at the moment and I do have some skills that would be sell-able on such a site.
    I have been looking into what is involved and I might start putting together a a series of short courses

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