Guide to posting links in Self-Sufficiency & Off-Grid section

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  • Hi Guys

    As the editor of the Self-Sufficiency & Off-Grid section of the forum I am trying to make the section more of a resource and easier to search for interesting topics.

    The first step is Meaningful Tread Titles.

    If you find an interesting website containing useful information on say, Container Gardening, it is much more useful to use a title such as "Interesting website about Container Gardening" rather than "WOW, this is interesting" or "Found this website".

    The next step is to include a little bit of information about what the link contains. So instead of just posting the link like this:-


    This would be better.

    Found this fantastic website today on how to grow vegetables in containers. This would be good for people who only have a small yard or even for people living in vans.

    More info

    You could even add a photo and quote some of the text from the website like this


    With the rising costs of food and people having less to spend, more and more of us are entertaining the idea of growing our own. However, not all of us are fortunate enough to live on a farm or have lots of acreage in the countryside. Many of us look out of the window only to see the cement and brickwork jungle of the suburban or city spread.

    I'm Rick, the one grinning in the picture above, and this website is all about my attempts at container gardening to grow food from my tiny suburban patio garden in the South West of England.
    I am determined to help and encourage other people living in towns or cities to turn the smallest of gardens, patio's or even window boxes, into abundant food-producing Eden's.

    Whether it's to save money, an act of preparedness, or just a fabulous hobby, container gardening is a fantastic and flexible way of growing food for you and your family.

    Lastly, you could add some tags to make the thread even easier to find in the future.

    These are not rules and it really is up to you how you post your own threads but it would be nice if we could turn this section into a valuable resource on living off the land and generating your own power.