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  • Special forces, Hell week, a group of super fit civilians (like me ) take on assault courses and training from the worlds special forces to see who's the fittest . BBC2 tonight at 9.00 pm. They may think they are tough ...but could they survive a week at UKH birthday bash ?

    Ben Fogle ...New lives in the wild uk...ch5 ..9.00pm...November 12th

    About the show

    Ben Fogle meets people close to home who have escaped the daily grind in search of a happier and more rewarding life.

    For the past few years, Ben has been meeting people all over the world who have given up the rat race and started afresh in some of the most remote places on the planet in his hit show, Ben Fogle's New Lives in the Wild.

    But what about those here at home, who are looking to escape the daily grind in search of a happier life elsewhere in the British Isles? In Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild UK, Ben will meet the people who have made that leap.

    The people who have quit being a slave to the wage and started a new life in some of the most rural, remote and challenging parts of our country.

    This brand new five-part series will see Ben travel to Devon to live with the inspirational Mason family. They handed back the keys to their council house in the London commuter belt for four acres of overgrown agricultural land.

    He'll also meet 41 year old Amanda Owen, who left a comfortable town life behind to pursue her lifelong dream to become a hill shepherdess. Ben also meets 61 year old Emma Orbach and discovers why this Oxford University graduate abandoned 'modern' Britain, her nice family home and even her marriage, to live off-grid in a mud hut concealed deep in the Welsh countryside.

    Ben also visits Simon and Debbie Dawson, a former estate agent and lawyer, who swapped city life for a hidden valley small-holding in the middle of Exmoor National Park and 52 year old Tommy Hyndman on the remote and wind-swept Fair Isle in Northern Scotland.

    Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild UK starts on Thursday 12th November at 9pm.

    The Channel 5 Family

  • mmmm i ava secret crush on Ben

    the things we could do in the back o my van......

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