Fibre Glass help

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  • So after much faffing around on my part. I have aquired at a very reasonable price an old LDV which mostly isn't in bad shape. However the fibre glass roof has seen better days. Has a few open cracks and previous repairs in it. What's the best way of dealing with it? Need to make repairs as long lasting as poss as once I've insulated and boarded out the inside it'll be a lot harder to access. Don't want to spend the next few years chasing leaks every time it rains!!!!

  • My first ever job was fixing crashed fiberglass cars, I was 18, Fixed the odd thing since then for friends, so I will bite, I wll look to see if I can find a good instruction video or website first, I am not great at explaining things in just words.

    It is surprisingly easy to do and the materials reasonably priced, but people are scared of what needs to be done. Just slapping a lump of glass cloth over the damage fixes nothing.

    Any chance of the pics of what and where the damage is? Or failing that can I ask for more info? Flattish area? Compound curve, simple curve?, easy access to inside and do you have access to a small angle grinder and protective masks and goggles? How large is the damaged area, missing bits, length of cracks? I assume we are not just talking about light stress cracks.

  • Sounds like LV will have you sorted in no time, but I'd add that you really shouldn't be scared. Fibreglass is really easy once you get into it, even if it isn't the most pleasant job. I do love the smell though...

  • I have a fibre glass bodied reliant which I've crunched a couple of times and repaired with the kits you get from diy shops or motor factors. as has been said, very easy to use., they come with instructions.

  • Thanks for your replies :) You're right, I saw the holes and nearly ran a mile! Just wasn't sure if I could fix permanently or it would just keep leaking. LV yes I have access to all of that. Will post pics saturday as I'm going to start cleaning and undersealing him then :)