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  • I'm planning out my van and was thinking which hob to get, I want a 2 ring hob that runs on gas. One with a cover when not in use wiuld be ideal as I plan on having it fixed in although I could make a cover, looked at the smev range which are perfect but pricey, any ideas?

  • Just be careful which you choose, as you say the likes of SMEV or CAN etc are not cheap but they are designed to be built into vehicle conversions using 8mm copper tubing,where as some of these others that have been suggested are probably designed to be used outside in well ventilated area's ie in a camping situation and rely on either rubber hose connection or use cartridges which I'm pretty sure will not meet any relevant gas regulations for motor caravans.

  • I've been using the Smev range for a good few years now but lately tried a few of the CAN models, good place to check out is CAK tanks, I use Grassroutes leisure but they only sell to trade account holders, anything you fit should have a copper pipe feed to it and be connected via a brass compression fitting and also be fitted with flame failure devices on the burners, most if not all the very cheap models will not meet these requirements.

    just another thought if you don't like messing with gas but not a cheap option how about an Origo uses bio ethanol for fuel an example here http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Orig…ain_3&hash=item2c9bafe40b there are also flush fitting models available