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  • Sorry I'm late to this discussion but there is so much positivity and good ideas coming forward - i've got this thing keep popping up for me about utilising parks for meeting places - loads of people are doing it - i know we have done random gatherings in the past in several different parks in Somerset and they are the perfect place to get groups of people together (weather permitting). This community is very transient but the way members here care for one another never seems to change, no matter who the regular users are. I think that's something we could really utilise and move forward with. We have a community here and clearly the time for regular social gatherings has been and gone pretty much, but maybe if we created gatherings that were about sharing and learning, really coming together and working together for a short time? sorry - might not be making much sense - thinking out loud...

  • No it makes good sense, it doesn't matter who the members are as long as some people are able to help others and perhaps gain some benefit, share the wisdom etc. Sounds a bit hippy though...

  • A good idea about the parks, Sarah:thumbup:. (In season, of course).
    Our nearest town has lots of good parks, although the cafes, where they exist, tend to be expensive. But a lovely place to meet and chat in nice weather.

  • I love this site, but shouldn't we be joining together to buy land and actually turn this into a community? I have gained a lot of knowledge from the threads here, but again....don't we need to be doing not just saying?

  • I'd like to see a places to go things to see, specially if people have been to them. An example being I was listening to Frank Skinner and he'd been to the Chalke Valley History Festival which sounded good but was too late to know about, I'd also like to know about the weird things in Britain like the World Pooh Sticks as anyone been, is it worth going things like that. By the way the World Pie Eating Championships are this year being held on Tuesday 15th December at Pie Noon at Harry's Bar in Wigan, there's a vegetarian option as well.

  • Hi Gang,

    I'm a Noobie to this forum, but I do think that this is a great platform to virtually meet, Chat Swap ideas, Get help and information from others and hope that in turn it's supported by it's members by making a donation however small on occasion, I certainly will be.
    I have noticed that the frequency of members visiting would be good if increased, And they Actually started to POST, So come on guys Join in, Post, Donate if you can, Make friends, and Above all ENJOY AND BE SAFE OUT THERE.

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