Which is better: Little for old, or lots for new?

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  • Personally I would go for older and simpler,its already been said,modern electronics cost a fortune to repair.
    One does not need all the unnecessary electronic gagets,electric windows! whats wrong with a good old winding handle!
    Okay older vans are rusty but they can be welded,quite reasonably if one is good with a welder or knows someone.

  • Yes the red flashy light is the PATS system.

    Get someone to cut a new key from yours, then try and start the van!
    There is a chip inside the key which 'talks' to the ignition.
    If the key and the immobiliser don't communicate the fuel pump refuses to deliver.

    The idea is that stealing the van without a coded key renders it useless, so people won't bother stealing it!
    Wonder why the Transit is one of the most stolen vehicles year on year for the last fifty years?


  • I've been thinking about this new vs. old thing for a while, and I think it's pretty simple - separate age from mileage, then age=rot and mileage=wear, in most cases. I bought my van mostly on it's low mileage, the fact that it's 23 years old was a bonus. It also runs great, and should do for many more thousands of miles, touch wood.

    Rot is easy to assess, but with wear you're are going to reach a stage (in terms of mileage) where you will start running into problems that you don't want to be dealing with - things like failing gearboxes and worn valve stem seals. 'Consumables' like brakes, clutches etc. can always be changed fairly easily, but set yourself an upper limit for mileage to avoid the serious problems.

    In terms of what is modern, I tend to think that anything post 2000 is 'modern' in terms of electronics/ECU control. The self-diagnostics is easier to work with, but there is also more to go wrong.