making money on the road

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  • After a period of homelessness and sleeping rough I got back into employment by temping and did that for a few years. It's perfect if you want a no commitment income and agencies can place you very quickly. Once they get to know you're reliable they'll work with you as well. Don't expect a fortune but it's enough to live on.

  • So you sign onto a local agency wherever your stopping through, and just work enough to get you by?do you need to o be located in one place or does this work moving around the country?

  • I paint pictures. I have spoken about this at length on my 'Well here goes' thread. I only do it for about seven/eight months of the year. Last year I covered all my costs & more (I live in a touring van on campsites). I've provide some tips on my thread. Take a look & have a go - it's not difficult to produce something which someone will want to buy for a few quid!

    Yesterdays gone, tomorrows a mystery, today's a gift, that's why its called the present.

  • I am presently building a 4 axis cnc machine to make crafts, puzzles, boxes and general tring for sale in markets and via fleabay. I may need to buy a little box trailer.

    But otherwise I do odd DIY jobs at the moment for over talkative widows.

    Temping works, you can soon work your way into any agencies good books by being highly reliable and easy to work with, the you can get the better assignments.

  • Depends what you want and out of what material, most of the labour is in the CAD anyway, so if you have the DXF or whatever files I can see is I know someone with machine time free.

    For "tring" read "treen" iOS autocorrect is a pain in the butt.

    the cads done just need a machine to cut ally

  • the cads done just need a machine to cut ally

    Then the answer is no, the machines I have made and peeps I know use CNC for soft materials like wood, foam and plastics, for cutting metal you will need a proper engineering shop with a machine that costs 50 times more to make or build.

    I have cut thin ally but insanely slowly as I have no way to cool the cutting head.


  • Interesting thread,
    if you work for agencies whilst on the road do you use a forwarding address or tell them you are living on the road?
    As a landscaper i tend to work for companies and plot up near work,but could go knocking on doors for work if on the road!

  • If youre working for a national driving agency and you tell them youll be around one area office for x weeks then somewhere else for y weeks theyll usually be able to help find you work but some areas might have loads of work and others nothing so if getting regular work is important to you,you need to plan ahead and find where the best work is.

    I should imagine the same applies for other kinds of work but I only did truck driving for agencies so cant answer that.

    I tend to just work as a freelance writer and photographer most of the time-I write website content or articles,photos generally go into image banks and you get paid if the image is used.I also do photos in the locality Im in and try to flog them in that locality then move on.Ive also sold pics through a website I had but Im not doing that atm...obviously having internet access is important if youre doing any online work, but not always available 'on the road'.
    I'll work for farms as I can drive most farm machinery or do garden work if Im stuck for some cash.I am lucky in one way that I get a small medical pension every month so the need for regular work is not so pressing but if it is then the more skills you have the easier it is to survive IMO.

  • You need good diy skills as a start you can boost your wage by having experience In a technical trade HVAC, gas, electrical or plumbing or fabric I have all of the above

  • Interesting thread,
    if you work for agencies whilst on the road do you use a forwarding address or tell them you are living on the road?

    Have you considered boatmail or one of its subsidiaries like motorhomemail,mobileworker,Business ? they'll collect and forward mail to any address you want,either regularly or on demand and if you request it theyll provide you with a street address which complies with most insurance companies and officialdom ie for work/tax/gov't benefit purposes (who wont accept PO BOX addresses) so you can work anywhere and have your mail forwarded to an address or use the Poste Restante option and collect from a designated post office.I pay monthly and it doesnt cost much to use.It also tends to avoid some of the awkward questions that arise when people dont like that you have no address...hasnt happend often but when Ive told people with some formalities that I live in a caravan on the road their helpful attitude has changed. I've been lucky to have a friend who accepts most of my mail and if im not there I get it forwarded to where I am.There are other services but they are about the cheapest and best.