Windows orrrr no windows?

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  • Hello :)

    I've been looking at high top vans and I recently saw the inside of a high top trannie minibus that had been stripped out. There was so much natural light in there and it looked got me thinking: windows or no windows? I need to be stealth, so would tint any windows I did have in a van and have curtains/blinds or whatever up at night. What do you guys reckon? Does anyone have lots of windows in their van? If I had a fully panelled van I reckon I would put roof lights in or something. Might be a decent compromise..


  • Linux!
    Oh wait... that's not what you're asking... Move along, nothing to see here.

    Don't forget windows are a bitch to insulate. Mine are tinted but when a light is on inside it's as if they're not.

  • Linux!
    Oh wait... that's not what you're asking... Move along, nothing to see here.

    Don't forget windows are a bitch to insulate. Mine are tinted but when a light is on inside it's as if they're not.

    Very good point... hmmmmmmm...

    And pyke - I do like being able to see out the rear doors of Snail, especially when some little shit is trying to nick my bike, but it's not that good for when I just want to hang out in the van. Reckon for full time I'd want a bit more than two rear windows...saying that I want to be stealth more so I guess I might just have to go for roof lights..

  • For heat retention and privacy, no windows. I've been looking at a lot of vans online and I think that no windows, a roof window and just a heavy curtain across where the bulkhead would be so you can pull it back and see out would be my ideal set up.

  • I suppose I'm in the unique position of having lots of windows and large skylights my truck becomes a greenhouse but is nice and airy I manage nicely with tint and curtains

  • My vans black with black tint on all the rear windows, if im in it during the day i can see out n folk have to really look to see in. At night if i leave my curtians open then anyone can see in if theres lights on. Ive got dark curtains n with them closed theres no light escaping. If the vans got windows just behind the cab iit still looks like a works van as the crew cab vans are becoming more n more common as fuel prices rise.

  • I will be putting one window in mine just above the kitchen unit, I have been advised to buy a horsebox window (plenty on eBay) for about £40, i'm just a bit aprehensive about cutting a big hole in the side of the van i'm bound to do it wrong lol, there is a firm nearby that charge £150 for one with tinted glass £120 for clear.

  • It depends I guess... I wanted to have windows so that I get some natural light shining behind the curtains in the morning. It confuses me in the winter having to get up when it's dark, and in a van you have the possibility of it being completely dark all the time. I'd never wake up properly I don't think.

    The other point is where you're going to be parking up... if there's a decent view it might be worth it for breakfast as I found out :) With dark tinted windows, no-one can see in during the day (it's the opposite at night as I amusingly found out at the weekend).

    I have curtains on 3 windows - back door, side window at the foot of the bed, and above the kitchen/table thingy. I only opened the kitchen one when parked up, then the back one for driving.

    Just random thoughts... I haven't really used mine enough yet to know which windows I could do without.

  • Ive been driving vans for about 20 years n i never check my rear view mirror as im so use to not being able to see anything in it, often vans have no rear windows or complete bulkheads. having a window in the sliding door makes junctions heaps easier especially if traveling alone.

  • No rear door windows here, in facti have a solid panel blocking off the rear doors from inside, the rear door open to give access to all the drawers, tools and storage that are under the bed area. Rear view camera sorts out reversing.

    No windows on the drivers side, just one in the door on the passanger side. Plus 2 skylights which I have yet to either buy or fit.

    I wouldn't mind a window on the other side to the side loading door, but my 43" tv cupboards and book shelf takes up all the available space.

    I may fit an extra small window over the bed though.

    Mine is a stealth van.

  • Personally Id prefer having the side windows.A solid wall both sides is a pain even if you do have more wall to fit storage lockers etc...Its personal preference at the end of the day but I would retain all or most of the side windows, not board all of them over,heavily tint them and run a curtain rail top and bottom of the windows - such as swish visa track and curtain tape- and fit thermal curtains,the curtains are then held neatly against the window when closed or open, not hanging down away from the sidewall and keep the warmth in ....and prying eyes out at night Ive driven artics and van type vehicles most of my life and reliant on mirrors and so the rear window offers no real benefit to me in relation to driving so I would probably board it, or at least partially.

  • No windows would seem to give a closed in feeling - Isolation; if/when installed correctly should suffice, Natural light can be enhanced by strategic placement of mirrors - and tinting give privacy