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  • In our first caravan we had the usual swivel type cassette toilets made of plastic but when I built the motorhome we are in now I used a Thetford C250/ C260 this model has a ceramic bowl and feels more like a domestic unit and has stood the test of time and still looks like new and easier to clean than the plastic ones

  • I use a porta potti, they do the job and take little space up, I have a Thetford swivel seat cassette loo in storage but just couldn't find the space for it in my van. It does feel as horrendously plasticky as the porta potti though.

    But I agree with Full Timer, is you can swing it go for a proper ceramic bowl loo and a black water tank. They look good for years and make doing the business less unpleasant. my 5th wheel, C class and coach conversion all had them and I never had an issue with any of them ( well maybe the tank falling out of the C class may count)

  • FORMALDAHYDE?? :O OMG!! I dint no that!! Have a portaloo in a camper in storage an use blu stuff in that. Wen it runs out gonna get sum of the greener stuff. Theres a septic tank at the storage. Hav I poisoned it?

  • We lived for over 10 years with a porta potti and it was fine. Easy to fit as it has no plumbing and cheap enough to replace if it does break. We used to empty our at public toilets etc

    We now have a built in toilet with a black water tank and it makes it quite a lot more difficult to empty unless you are on a site.

    If I was building the airstream again I would put a cassette or a porta potti


  • I think I've kind of settled on a cassette loo whether I end up in a van or a boat. But of course it depends what I end up buying. As I've said elsewhere in the past, it's my intention to buy something that needs fixing up so I can make it to suit me. But if, for instance, I buy a boat that already has a holding tank, chances are I'll use that; if not I'll go down the cassette route.

    The other thing is what will the other half think? If Tracey's still with me and stuill keen on going nomadic, will she put up with carting a boxful of shit to the public loos and emptying it? I'm sure it's not for everyone even if it doesn't bother me. We'll see when the time comes.

  • Once your very underpaid ( according to them) employees have lowered you on a rope into a septic tank to fish out 20 years worth of used tampons that were blocking up the filter, emptying a cartridge loo no longer hold any fears.

    Not a suggestion BTW, but you soon get over the gag reflex emptying a cartridge loo.

    Oh, I dig a hole and bury my waste in the forest, just don't use that horrible blue chemical if you do that or bleach. not sure I am up to walking through town carrying a box of shit.

  • This is handy for the daily dump. Otherwise I use a vacuum flask that has lost its ability to keep my coffee hot, being very careful to keep it separate from the one I actually use as a flask. This can then be emptied down the nearest street drain as passers by assume it's cold coffee that's going down. If they insist on peering you can always claim that it's old Lucozade.

  • possiblya silly question, but how many of you with the cassette toilet systems have a spare waste tank?

  • yeah a cassette... when i think of a cassette..i think of a small plactic device that one used to put music on.. normally recorded from the radio lol