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  • Having given up caffeine and milk a few months ago, I've struggled to find a good alternative for hot drinks ... I never was fond of Barleycup! .... but this week I found in Aldi "Refreshing Berry Fruits" tea made by Diplomat .. 40 bags for about 90p .. and they are lovely, not the wishy-washy-pish that Twinings sell.

    Anyone else got any good brands they would recommend?

  • Being a beekeeper, I really should drink more drinks made with honey, but we actually don't use much honey at all, unless we've colds and then just with lemon!

    Pine needle sounds interesting, but most herbal teas remind me of the mushroom tea of my youth, which often imbibed for effect rather than taste rather put me off herbal teas ever since! :lsd:

  • Interesting thread :) I'll have to give those Aldi 'teabags' a try. I agree the Twinings stuff is tasteless.

    I go through phases of quitting caffeine, the most I have managed is about 6 months. I find that the health improvements are massive (sleep better, feel more fresh and 'real', etc) but that might partly be because I have quite strong coffee usually.

    My list of alternatives are:

    Cocoa made with water (+1 akasha :))
    Teeccino - Quite expensive as it's only on eBay from the US, but lasts a long time
    Nestle Caro (from the health food shop) - A bit meh
    Redbush Tea (from Sainsburys) - Use 2 bags per cup

    Really interested in any other alternatives people have :)

    (The cocoa and water is the one I go for most. I found to make it a bit less bland, add an extra strong mint to the water whilst it's boiling. Last winter I used to put a pan of water on the woodburner, add the mint, then when the mint had dissolved it was hot enough to add the cocoa :) )

  • Lidl do a very nice fruit tea, probably like the Aldi one, called 'Very Berry', in a pink box.
    Needs about five minutes to brew or, if you're in a rush, put two bags in and leave for three minutes. Ideal on its own, but very nice with a half-teaspoon of honey as well. Quite cheap, as they sometimes have it on offer near the checkout.

  • I sometimes buy Knightsbridge peppermint teabags from LiDL, which are cheap and tasty. I also like to follow Lulu's advice and have some ginger tea in a flask to hand. We-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-ellll, it is good for the voice. For that I use a vegetable peeler and shave off slices of ginger root, drop it in a Thermos and add hot water. Sometimes I'll add honey if my throat is feeling a bit rough after a gig and/or lemon, specially if I ever feel a cold coming on. I also have an infuser and raid the dried cooking herbs to make something with which to flavour the hot water. I'm not really a fan of hot drinks, so these herbal infusions are relatively new in my life. I also like a few products in the Pukka range, specially the night-time drink and the lemon, ginger and Manuka one. Although they are quite expensive they use fairly traded organic ingredients. Mostly I just drink water.

  • I've become seriously addicted to nettle tea, I've never tried it fresh but it's great from a teabag. It starts off a bit bitter but you quickly get accustomed to the flavour and can enjoy the subtleties

  • I tried the redbush + fruit tea this morning at work... I got some funny looks to which I said "what? I'm mixing my drinks!" It was interesting, but probably shouldn't have added milk :)

    The root ginger tea is good if you use a cheese grater to make it.

    There's a lot of interesting ideas here that use honey, think I'm going to take a jar to work tomorrow and see what's in the cupboard there that I can add it to...

  • I prefer warmed up apple juice with cinammon on top rather than fruity type tea`s. They always seem to smell better than they taste..

    Rooibos vanilla chai is my favourite tea at the minute and i like the sleepy time type tea bags too. Chamomile is an old favourite too ooh and dandelion and burdock.

  • I drink green tea or nettle with a squeeze of lemon and a slice of ginger root with 1 teaspoon of honey in the afternoons (I'm drinking some right now). Coffee in the morning to wake me up.
    I have an infuser so I buy the green tea loose it's cheaper that way. I also buy other loose teas like assam, ceylon etc and sometimes I'll use a normal cheap teabag as the lemon and ginger out flavours the tea anyway. It's really refreshing.
    I have a large collection of dried herbs mostly for their medicinal properties but I do add some to teas like chamomile, mint, raspberry leaf, etc and I flavour them with natural fruit juice from a squeezed fruit like orange, peach, mango, pineapple, blackberry, cinnamon, ginger, etc. Making your own really is better as you can create the taste you want.
    I also drink cocoa made with water - never tried the mint in it though - must try that it sounds nice.