Looking in to the past for our future

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  • Aye....humankind has too late realised that indigineous cultures should be protected should they wish and not civilised through interference.

    So bringing it home where is the respect for paganism or folk culture that respects mother nature and celebrates the seasons and natural world.

    Retrospectively there are reparations that should be made.

  • Who stole the land?

    Who stole Australia from the aborigine's?

    Who stole New Zealand from the Maouri?

    Who stole North America from Native Americans?

    Who introduced modernity and industrialisation?

    Who decides that land is not a birthright?

  • Thank you Danann, most kind of you.

    Awww (((Hugggs)))....Oddaspie :)))
    I LOVE All This Sort Of Thing And Found It All Soooo Fascinating And Eye Opening And Exciting:))....
    So Thank You Too For Posting It Oddaspie :)
    And Ok I Might Not Use A Lot Of The Big Long Words And Think "whats that mean"? When i see some big words used on the posts topic replies and then have to ask Jeeves What They Mean hahahahaha...But I Get There In The End hehehe and reply in my sort of unique own way and language hehehe...But all that does not take away the Enjoyment and Learning I Get From Yours And Others members reply Posts on this Fascinating Topic :)))

  • you know what they say: "those that refuse to learn the lessons of history are destined to repeat them"!!

  • The ancient tribe called The Khazars did (and are still at it), while masquerading as members of other tribes.



  • maybe, but all the land in England is owned by someone, there is no such thing as free land, even common land is owned by someone.
    even Dartmoor and Exmoor is owned by someone.

  • Haaagggggrrrrriiiiiiid for president.

    Point is if people learn the lessons of history we can do much better.

    People want what they want........greed can be discounted.......there is plenty of land and plenty of space for people to have that........you are irritatingly twisted and obtuse and seemingly defensive.

  • just telling it like it is.
    if I had a piece of land I wouldn't want all and sundry tromping over it.