What is your favourite Real Ale?

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  • Ooh Not had the pleasure of trying Special yet but it's on my 'list'. I am a fan of Sharps Atlantic and Doom bar.
    Also a big fan of the Skinners Betty Stoggs and Knocker and of course Tribute. (is there a Cornish Theme here?)
    also partial to a bit of Hobgoblin.
    Woodford's and Adnams have to be drunk if on tap (when I am in the east)
    To be perfectly honest I couldn't narrow it down but If I had to choose one then it would be Betty Stoggs
    Also that my local does a lovely pint of Butty Bach, which always goes down well.

  • I like the wychwood beers....well,most of them anyway....Hobgoblin, BlackWych is an ace dark beer.

    Had a Scottish stout the other day....Belhaven Black...lovely and velvety.

    Also like Robinsons Trooper, but not had that on draught yet. My local sells Brains Reverend James which does me very nicely.

  • I'd go for a different favourite depending on:

    weather outside
    time of year
    time of day
    day of week
    length of session

    Of which each category has their own variables depending on venue, context and the company I'm keeping.

    I have trusted breweries that I go for generally. And quite a few I don't go near.

    Jennings is a favourite at the moment.

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  • Betty Stogs is my favourite beer. If you haven't tried it but know Old Speckled Hen, it is - to my taste - similar but even nicer...

    I often drink Healey's Rattler cider, which, although a little bland for my taste, at 6% puts a shine on an otherwise dull world...

  • Ohhhh so many [panic] :insane: :D

    One great brewery we have down here in Dorset is the Dorset Brewing Company. They brew a lovely, refreshing golden ale called Yachtsman - 4.7%, brewed with New Zealand hops so it's got a lovely citrussy smell and taste, but also a toffee/honey like malty taste.

    Then they also have a light amber ale called... Dorset Knob :p Very sessionable at 3.9% :D

  • I drink ale.

    On a regular basis.

    I manage a real ale pub that regularly wins CAMRA awards.

    We go to great effort to have different beers a often as possible. We have 7 hand pumps and 6 key-keg lines (real ale which is in a keg - but NOT gas propelled).

    I would find it impossible to tell you which is my favourite brewery, let alone my favourite ale!

    But you'd go a long way to beat Island Brewery RDA - very nice!

  • St. Austell's Tribute. We did the brewery tour when we were down that way a few years ago and been hooked ever since. Used to be able to get it in't supermarket round the corner but not seen it for a while. Although I mostly drink homebrew these days...