No fridge - keeping things cool

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  • any good tips on keeping stuff like milk and cheese cool in my truck? She's a 1943 military truck so there's no electricity for a fridge and I can't afford a gas one. Last year I had a cool box - and liquid cheese!!!

  • I'll tell you the secret of cold things without electricity if you post pictures of your truck.

    Just kidding, what you are looking for is a zeer pot or pot-in-pot refrigerator. They only work when it's hot though, but then they work really well. Easy to make yourself as well. There is tons of instructions on the internet.

    I do want pictures of your truck though. Or at least a make and model.

    /further I might have a working gas fridge lying around, I'll check when I get back to my park-up. If it's still there you can have it for free.

  • Hiya,
    one method that I utilize (often) is not using my 'fridge at all. If you use sterilized milk it does not even start to go 'off' before I find ive got to the bottom of the bottle!
    If you really need cheese then buying the bag of assorted pre-pack cheeses means that these do not go 'off' for months either. I've raised a lot of contentious issues there but we are not troglodytes but Nomads - needs must!

  • You need to have the coolbox outside, in the shade. Is there somewhere under the truck that you could make a shelf/bracket, or hook to hang it on? - then buy a bag of ice to put in the coolbox. The ice needs to be in a container to collect the meltwater, or all your stuff will be swimming. I use a gallon can with the top cut off inside the coolbox for the ice to go in.

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  • Go into a nearby supermarket, stash a couple of their 1 or 2 litre bottles of water deep in a freezer, then go back later when they've frozen solid, take them out and buy them. They will each keep a coolbox and its contents nice and cold for at least 24 hours. I learned to do this in the stiflingly hot summer of '96 when there was no ice available in the New Forest and we wanted cold drinks, salads etc.
    You can also buy your chicken legs etc frozen and use them to keep your coolbox cold till they thaw - about 24 hours - and you can barbecue them. I never see the point in buying thawed food in warm weather when you can use the cheaper frozen food and make use of the cold.
    We also use a milk churn full of water and suspend items in the cold water until we need them (not chicken!). The highly polished aluminium reflects the sun's rays and keeps the water cool.

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  • My idea is, cut a square out of the floor. Not the metal but the wood n insulation n place a slab on it n build a box out of insulation. The slab should stay cool, did in ye olde days when houses had pantrys. The insulation should keep cool in n hot out.
    Ive no idea if this will work but in my head it does so to find out im gonna try two day old(two days from the shop) chicken n see what happens

  • Dont cut the metal, thats an mot fail n a big hole in ur floor.
    cut any flooring and insulation above the metal n set the slab on the metal, bed it down with a litle cement at about 5 to 1 mix.
    5 sand to 1 cement, just ask at any building site if theyve got a half bucket of mortar you can get, just mind n take your own bucket

  • Erm the floor is just metal lol, there's no insulation. When I can work out how to post photos on the forum from my iPhone I'll put a picture on. But I do have some slabs spare in my garden so could use one of them ?

  • When I can work out how to post photos on the forum from my iPhone

    Do you have one of those services that auto uploads pictures you take to a hosting service, I think Apple have a free one but I don't have an iphone. If so then just add a link here to the image.

    if not then upload them to any hosting place & post the link here using the insert image option.

  • When I can work out how to post photos on the forum from my iPhone I'll put a picture on.

    Hi, don't know if this is of any use to you (or even if I'm too late), I attached a photo I took with my phone and MMS'ed it to my e-mail, then opened my e-mail on my laptop, saved photo and attached it UKH reply.
    There are other methods but that one worked for me just recently.

  • The easiest way to get an image visible in the forum is:
    Take a picture with your phone.
    Upload the picture to an image hosting service. is a decent and free one.
    Find the upload button and press it.
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    Press the image long (or whatever opens the right-click on your phone), there should be an option to copy the image url. Select it.
    This is what you need.
    To insert the picture in the forum you have to tell the forum that you are posting a picture (this is simplified, I know). You do this by typing (this tells the forum that the picture URL ends here).
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    (note that I added a space between the I and the m in the first square bracket, this shouldn't be done when posting pictures. I had to do it here to make the line visible.
    This way you can post pictures without using forum webspace that can be seen by all.

    /the [IMG] brackets should be what the forum does when you press the insert image button, unfortunately that button doesn't exist in the mobile version of the forum.
    /more on topic, there is no need to cut holes in a classic truck, use a pot in pot fridge, get a gas fridge or use a coolbox and ice. Would be a massive waste of time and effort to cut a hole in the floor.

  • I love Lionheart888's suggestion of stashing some bottles of water in the supermarket freezer! That's one I wouldn't have thought of :D

    An idea I've had (which I plan to do) is to take a coolbox along, and freeze ice packs in the communal freezers at hostels. You could even have a few on the go at once as you move around :D I find no-one messes around with ice packs - with food you have to date and name it, then it will probably be thrown out... but ice packs don't expire so they get left alone :)

    Your other option is an evaporative cooler - put your stuff in any container that is porous, and keep the container wet! Terracotta plant pots would work, keep a plant pot upside down in a tray of water and stash everything in the plant pot!

  • I was having a joke previously (in post #12) but over a couple of years (about 7 years ago) I gradually used the fridge less and less and now I only use it to keep chilled/frozen products in temporarily, knowing that it will be consumed in two or three days. It's gonna be down to your lifestyle/diet/choices etc but can you do without one? I've got a 3-way but it's never switched on.
    All dairy, leftovers, and what-have-you is used up before it can go off. But, like I said, It's very much a lifestyle choice.

  • Agree wIth Ollie use up all perishables quick and try to buy these items on a daily basis when needed,powdered milk is a great standby,i do love Woodstock 69s idea and will give this a try over summer to see how efficient earthenware pots are!