25th April KANYINI (psy) greets PURE FILTH (techno) In BRUM

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  • You can buy e-tickets for this here http://www.theticketsellers.co…ckets/events/?id=10035001 they cost £6.00 + 50p booking fee they are sent directly to your mobile phone. Oldschool paper tickets will be available from Hippy Buddy in Oasis Store very soon.

    Basically we have out in the backyard Global Psychedelic trance from KANYINI

    we have as very special guest all the way from the North east JOY CIRCUIT
    promoter of this years Summer Sunset festival which takes place on a beach on a Northumerland beauty spot he is a charachter often seen around the Psy events in the north of England Where he has played for all the Club nights worth mentioning and is also a fixture on there dancefloors.

    we have dj's too. at one point this was going to be a party to celebrate Brum's Psy trance past ( I think this year is the year we should celebrate 20 years of psy in the U.K.) people can argue that there were loads of people appreciating psy or goa as it was known then but in 1995 it had truely landed. so we do have a Dj line up of people who have been involved in Psy (and west Midlands psy at that since it's begining) so behind the decks we have :

    CLARE (mess Media, Spacehopper, Goa)
    Clare was a Dj for Spacehopper (birminghams legendary psy / goa club that ran 94 - 2001) she played sets for them more in it's later days, but then went a to run her own night Mess Media. lots of the Kanyini crowd will remember there parties out nr Albrighton. someone who will pop up in the strangest of places spinning tunes.

    DARK ANGEL (Reborn ! Psycle)
    resident of Warwick but at one time Barclay Dark Angel was playing everywhere, I first met him when he used to promote a daytime psy party in the Purple Turtle in Camden, he was also involved in some big parties at the SEOne at london bridge and festivals such as Sunrise. Midlanders probally know him better for the resident spots he played at Nottinghams Psycle and he quite often used to do spots at our old night Stereo Chemistry (a Psy night I ran 1999 - 2005) in the west midlands where he played both dancefloor and chill out sets. he hasn't been djing so much lately spending a lot of his time these days as a peace activist.

    There is also a second room
    in the upper room (that's up the fire escape) Filthy Techno is provided XL from Nottinghams PURE FILTH.

    That features Djs :

    DARK MARK (Stay up Forever / Cluster)

    ESTHER OFEI (Dagobah / Ugly Funk)

    SMALL PAUL (Dagobah / Pure Filth)

    AL MAC (Refind)

    FILTHY DOM B2B FILTHY DAVE (Dagobah, Pure Filth)


  • I've just realised it's not so obvious from all that blurb above where this party is, it's on at the Waggon & Horses , 28 Adderley street, Birmingham. it's just around the corner from the rainbow venues, it looks like a dodgy old backstreet boozer fromthe front but don't let that put you off, we will have the back yard rocking, the Waggon & horses is venue for lots of gigs and events, it's a cool place free from bad bouncers etc.

  • Here is some stuff on JOy Circuit who is our live act on this night .

    Joy Circuit creates a atmosphere , the music speaks for its self tracks such as "55 degrees north" the haunting evocative "Absent Friends" and the brand new "Cyberkenetic" are inspiring ordinary people from around the globe. He's creations have the ability to lift the spirit alter moods and transport you to a different place and time.
    Joy Circuit like all true artists started his musical career as the ultimate music fan .Immersing himself in the new romanticism and synth based sounds that defined the 1980’s and 1990’s he spent his time hanging around venues just waiting for a chance to prove himself. Coming across a Korg synthesizer the tinkering began. Amazed at the sounds he was able to create the metamorphosis had begun.
    It was a slow but satisfying journey. Playing in a band gave him the experience he needed to branch out on his own. In the 1990’s under the moniker Jordan dash, he released a track Keeper of the light. With radio airplay and television coverage the charity record became a overnight success with the British forces in Germany, but it was time to move on..Taking up drumming for a couple of years with various local bands playing dull covers was not in his resume..a new direction was imminent Global Rotation was the new name for this solo electronic artist and took it to a worldwide audience With quite a degree of success. After a major let down by fellow musicians and DJ’s the name was ditched and Joy Circuit came about, with a fresh new approach and sounds.
    Investing in new equipment, this enigma revelled in creating new sounds and harmonies every track became a progression from the last. Finally at the tail end of 2007, Joy Circuit emerged from the chrysalis. Fully fledged and ready to fly,
    2015 will see the final performances the last one in September at Cumbria Playing for change as I would like to organise more festivals and events in the North East with friends from Trip Hazard Collective.. starting in summer with a festival at druridge bay country park in Northumberland, and a pre party in May ..