Ford Transit rust problem

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  • My part-time home, a 10 year old 54 reg Ford Transit van just failed its MOT on rust problems. The tester who phoned told me that due to the extent of the problem it is beyond economic repair.
    It is rusted away completely on both sills, the seat belt anchorages are unsound, rusted through around the point where the wheel arches meet the floor and many other places. A year ago the tester merely made mention of three possible areas of rusty concern.
    In a state of desperation (I've put so much work and money into my van that it is beyond mere monetary value) I phoned around for quotes to see if it was possible to get the necessary welding done, and the best firm - I hope - and price quoted is £1400.
    They guarantee that after their work is finished it will pass the MOT.
    I've booked it in for this coming Monday and it will be away for ten days - that length of time allows them to do it as and when, and brings the price down accordingly.
    The reason I'm posting this is firstly as a warning to Transit owners to be really careful to treat any rust as soon as possible, as every bit of these vans seems to be considered 'structural' with regard to suspension mounting; and secondly to forewarn anyone looking around at Transits to be really careful that what you are buying will last a comfortable length of time. If you already have a Transit I would get an expert to look at it and tell you where it is necessary to make any repairs now, before an MOT tester pokes holes in your underside(!).
    I really hope I haven't worried you, but it's possible this is a timely warning and you may be able to prevent yourself having the horrible news I just had. I've fitted my home with so much equipment and garnishing that it's unimaginable to lose it, and having looked at alternatives I can't find anything I like as much.
    Love to all, Dave.

    Not a shred of evidence exists in favor of the idea that life is meant to be serious.

  • Oh dear, not good Lionheart.

    But I'm afraid that your thread title is really a general statement about transits - that said I've had many of them, and will no doubt have more.


  • Ouch Dave,thats a hit in the wallet for you,as well as the one from the mot tester telling you it is game over for your travel home. I hope that they do a top notch job on it and that you both do many more happy miles and happy moments together.

    Sending you some fly energy and luck from across the puddle.

    Love and light

    Fly xx

  • Thank you ever so much everyone for your support! If all goes well I'll put a recommendation on dear DaisyDreamer's recommendation thread.
    You are so right Colin, this is my third long term relationship with a Transit and they all love having you lavish attention on their bodies.

    Thank you very much for your kindness Colin, Fly and Wurzel. I hope some lovely karma drifts your way to say thank you properly. Dave.

    Not a shred of evidence exists in favor of the idea that life is meant to be serious.

  • Really sorry to hear that. My smiley has just cost me £500 and their was some heart wrenching involved in whether to scrap it or not. Ironically my wife was the main champion for getting the work done. I really am kicking myself for resting on my laurels and not doing some preventative maintenance last spring/summer. Have just lined up my brothers pressure washer to blast the crap off the chassis and then underseal. Here's hoping it's not too powerful!

    Also going round ruining the vans (decent ish) paintwork by sanding down blemishes and painting them up. Incidentally my van had no advisories last year and I had it looked over 4 months ago and they said about £100 to get through the mot.

    The options are not pretty and I had mine done, but I don't think the sills are mot failures for Transits are they, only around the belt and suspension mounts.

  • Put my smiley away to get welded today, its gonna cost about £300 ish for eveerything that needs welded. Then its getting power washed n undersealed, gonna have to watch the weight limit incase i over do the underseal.
    it all seems to depend on the mot tester on how badly they fail on rust. Anything within two foot of mounting points counts in the mot, no matter if its structual or not. Had an mot tester telling me this about a week ago.

    Sorry to here about your van lionheart but subgenre has a point about how it may be better to buy another van with the £1400, but then again you may just be buying more problems. Better the devil you know n all that!

  • Thank you Subgenre, Dots46 and Pyke.
    I had considered getting another Transit with the money and refitting my interior to that, but like you say Pyke, it's better the devil you know. I've had this one from new (when I invested the money my aunt left me in buying the van - I'll never be that flush again!).
    It sounds mad pumping that much money into a vehicle that isn't even worth £1400, but I suppose that' the story of ever owner of an old vehicle. I'm old, sentimental and a bit thick, and really just want my old van back on the road.
    It reminds me of how somebody once described boat ownership: 'a hole in the water you throw all your money into'. Our old vehicles become like that, but the alternative of HP payments for three years on a van whose history is a mystery just seems an even greater risk.
    One thing I must do is take some 'before' pictures today and compare them with the 'after' in a couple of weeks. I'll keep you posted as to how things go, as it may be interesting to other van owners (van 'sufferers' maybe!?). Bless you all.

    Not a shred of evidence exists in favor of the idea that life is meant to be serious.

  • have you considered waxoil? ive read good reviews on other forums .... it seems the more you look after your vehicle and treat it with this stuff ... the longer it will last... not implying you have neglected your vehicle....

    im looking at different types of vans for my project .... transits look pretty bulley proof engine wise but the body work is debatable....

  • I'm definitely going to be spending more time underneath it from now on, and Waxoil will feature in that because I've heard the same as you Eric.
    The MOT tester reckoned Transit bodies are pretty diabolical for rust and need looking after more than many others. Mind you, you'll hear the same about LDVs and Mercedes too if my experience is anything to go by. Whatever van a person has, if the body isn't checked and maintained very frequently it will quickly deteriorate. I'm learning a lot about rusty vans lately!0

    Not a shred of evidence exists in favor of the idea that life is meant to be serious.

  • Noooooooooooooo!

    I'm sorry to hear that for you, and for me - I just bought a Transit in December!

    I hope that things get sorted. I realised [too late] that I should have saved for a Luton, and can just move the important bit onto a new van.

    On your advice, I will certainly underseal the body, and I'm also annoyed at myself for not painting the whole interior with red oxide paint.

    Please do post the picture as I/we can see what to look for.

    Hope it goes well x