How long to change both ldv convoy kingpin sets

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  • Bonjour mes amis (hello my friends),

    I know that this is such a rare subject,as ldv's are not known for having play in the kingpins,now where is that pinnochio emoticon !!!!

    I am currently driving around in what feels like a rowing boat going through a strong swell and have finally decided to get my kingpins changed. I have got both kits from the uk and apparently they do not need reaming.

    I had a friend who told me that a worst case scenario on the time scale would be maybe six hours,where he thinks that 3 and a half to four hours is probably about right. I have found a garage here and he has said that he can do them for me,though in will take him two days,which I hope is male cow poo !!

    Have any of you mechanically minded beautiful people got an experienced based idea on how long it should take a garage to change them.

    I have a couple of other small problems building up in the suspension area,but there is no point getting anything else fixed until this problem is sorted out. Am lacking in both the tool,experience and time departments to consider doing it myself at this moment.

    Thoughts please you lovely lot :D

    Love and light

    Fly xx

  • Thanks guys,that gives me a bit more hope that I will find someone who can do it for an acceptable price. I just texted my dear young mum in wales and she rang the local garage that does hgv and they quoted 252 quid without parts and said that it would have to be dropped off one morning and picked up the next.
    There is no way that I am leaving my home in a garage overnight at this time of year and even if I find a good mechanic,I8 doubt that he would want me lighting the fire!!

    Will keep searching for someone to do it the same day

    Thanks peeps xx

  • I'd say a full day, I did both mine last year over a couple of days and I reckon the total was about 8 hours. Apart from the usual tools you need a ball joint splitter to detach the steering link arm, and a good sharp drill (I think I used a 6mm) in case you have to drill out the cotter pins. The king pins themselves should drift out, so get a bit of round bar about 20mm diameter beforehand. Better get a workshop manual/disc beforehand as well for torque settings etc.

    Have fun!

  • Job done. A friend did it for me and it took him an afternoon and an hour or so the next day in total with changing the front bearings at the same time. He had lost his splitter so did the job with the axle in place. Both cotter pins had to be drilled out from both sides and with the help of a large clamp,he heated both kingpins for about an hour and half until they broke free.
    He was getting quite frustrated with the job,but he got it done. I slipped him a couple of hundred euros for his efforts,which is still about eighty quid cheaper than the best garage price I got and with the bearings done too.
    Just got the tracking done and the van is driving much straighter,though I am still getting a loud thunk every now and then when I take a left or hit a bump !!!! also there is a bit of a vibration coming through.
    I have recently changed the anti roll bar bushes so it is not them,and can not see anything else that is evident,so will get my friend to have another look when I am back in his part of brittany.

    I hope all your vehicles are rolling well

    Love to all

    Fly xx