Cold? Damp? Draughty? Let's remind ourselves why we LOVE our non-brick-and-mortars!

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  • Morning all!

    Well, I've just got myself into work after spending another chilly night in the van (as many of you know, my insulation and heating etc. is not as sophisticated as it could be! ;) ). Woke up to ice on the outside and a glaze of thin ice on the inside from where the condensation has frozen. A lot of my friends think I am crazy for loving my van so much in spite of this, and I know a lot of people have been getting a bit down about the cold and wet weather and sleeping outside... SO, let's remind ourselves about why we love our vans/cars/horseboxes/trailers/caravans/boats etc. so much!

    What's your latest "I LOVE THIS!" moment? Mine was last night: I was sat in the front behind the wheel eating my dinner and watching the world go by whilst listening to the rain make lovely sounds on the roof of the van. I bet no-one else in my area was doing the same...

    Keep smiling everyone... the sun is coming!!! :)

  • Freedom. That is what I love about living the NFA lifestyle. We survive by running a small business that wouldn't be able to support a bricks and mortar existence. It is not only the mortgage of rent but all the other expenses that you have to pay that make it undesirable to live in a house. I did once have a mortgage and a job and all the other stuff but hated it and couldn't wait to get back to basics.

    The only bad thing at the moment is our tow vehicle is off the road for some much needed repaires and until it is fixed we cannot move the Airstream. That always leaves me feeling venerable and a little uneasy. I will be working on it most weekends now the weather is getting better.


  • I couldnt ever afford bricks and mortar where I prefer to stay. Nice view....low population density....and probably ok people - Ive not been harassed that Im aware of. So yeah......van life.....rain on the own little space and when someone slams a car door or bangs out music or a row or slams a door its nothing compared to the vibration and reverberation that Ive experienced in rooms, bedsits and flats.

  • Raffi sums it up really good,when its cold just add another layer,extra log on the stove.Yes it can be uncomfortable at times,but is being in a centrally heated house running up expensive fuel bills as well as other expenses better? not to me it is not.Freedom to move,listen to the rain on your roof the wind rocking the van! just great for me! May be im mad but I dont care its how I like to be.

  • Who cares if we're mad... at least we're enjoying it :) I travel a lot for work and it's so nice just being able to pack up and drive off without leaving a single thing behind. It's like a little ritual for me now. Do my job, walk back to my van with a smile on my face, open the back doors, tidy up and make sure everything's safe for the journey, then shut the back doors, lock em up, nip around the side and then I'm in the cab and I'm off again. Love it love it love it!!! :)

  • Have you got any plans to leave the ol' stack of bricks, HawthornJohn? I'm so excited for when the weather gets a bit nicer and I can spend my evenings reading with the back doors of the van wide open. All that lovely sunshine and fresh air and summer smells. Need to get thinking of some summer mods, actually. Sleeping in a metal box might not be too nice when the weather gets warmer... !!!

  • I have plans yes! been on my mind for a year or two.I like having freedom,stuck in one place drives me nuts,I want the challenge of van living being a practical person should find them easy to deal with,problem is my other half,she likes her comfort! She cannot see how living in a van or lorry will be enjoyable or warm.

  • Is there any way you could keep your current place and try it for a few weeks? That way you've at least got the safety of somewhere to go back to if she doesn't like it. It takes a bit of adjustment for sure but if you're a practical person and you don't need much stuff (who really needs 'things', anyway? not me...) then you're in for a real treat :) plus it means you spend more time outside and more time thinking about what really matters in life. That's been a big benefit for me.