Election 2015 - how will you vote?

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  • The more I see of the election campaign, the more I lose the will to live.

    I cannot think of a single party (not even the greens, who seem to be an embarrassment) who I think are worth voting for - although I can see many I think are worth voting against.

    I live in a relatively safe Labour area, so my vote really won't count, but even so, every single manifesto seems to be the same shit repackaged.

    Sad to say, I'm in the same boat - I'm in an ex-mining town that would vote a ferret in if it wore a red rosette...
    I used to be very much in the socialist "old" labour kinda camp, but since New Labour, I couldn't bring myself to vote for them as they're virually the same as the blue lot. Plus Miliband still needs to convince me that he is PM material.

    The Greens are starting to turn out as a bit of a disorganised embarrasment really... I joined the party during the big surge around new year - I agree with most of their politics, and they have a left leaning side to them that no other party has. But the debate on TV showed that they don't seem able to stand up to the big guns, and at a grassroots level, it doesn't seem well organised. For example, I crowdfunded a fair bit of money to a national appeal to get a deposit for every constituency in the country. Yet, a few weeks later, I hear from our election candidate wanting money for the deposit... so wait, where did my money go?!

    I desperately want to vote for somebody - as is my right and privelege - but I'm starting to worry that a spoiled vote is the best option!

  • I do wonder sometimes that if voting ever actually changed anything tangible it would probably be illegal.

    I believe you're correct in that!

    Do remember before voting what that Senator (forgotten his name) said, "it doesn't matter whom you vote for - it's going to be a politician that gets in"!

  • Not voting, not even on the electro roll.
    i see to much corruption and injustices to trust these partys most are driven by money, power and control, plus how many times have they promised 1 thing but did something else

  • As a long term anarchist I feel conflicted; for the first time my vote might actually mean something. The area I'm in is a close vote between the LibDem guy that has done a good job for some time and Plaid Cymru that actually agree with most of my values. Though the Welsh AM for my area is the same bitch that proposed a cull of badgers in Wales (which was rejected in the assembly). Sadly it looks like all of my candidates support a cull.

    I note also that the Greens have suggested Green voters in Wales should vote Plaid.

  • The figures shown still mean that almost twice as many people voted as didn't vote. Does this mean that two thirds care more about how the country is run?

    That would be a nice idea Paul. which left-wing party were you thinking of?....:whistle:
    Personally, I've never ever found a political party I wholly agreed with, so I've never ever joined one.

  • As we get a bit nearer to the election, a few of my friends - who were going to vote UKIP in protest - have now had second thoughts.
    They still want to protest vote, and they have now discovered the Green candidate....
    It's not the best reason to vote Green, but there you go.

  • It is bothering me now, the idea of not voting :S think I might go Lib Dem! seeing as I live in what is apparently the safest Labour seat in the country it aint going to make a jot of difference but hey ho!

  • I really beleive these people can change everything by continuing to not vote, I dont think change is about putting on somebody elses dirty coat whats so wrong with a real change an affective change , personally my energy my light and my way are clearer cleaner and more productive the farther away I can keep myself from their dirty corrupted political shitbin and the fraud laws they continue to spew all over whats left of some peoples existance.

    Violence is never productive but when I see a politician all I want to to is slap it around the head and tell it to hush. My opinion I know but it is the opinion ive held since well as far back as I can remember.

    Polititions death and disease on the tv always went hand in hand .........................music peace light energy and love have always been my church and the system has done nothing but try to prevent me and countless others from being there .............

  • If you don't vote the right still will, another 5 years of tories giving breaks to the bankers and other fat cats.

    I agree with the sentiment but the only way a change will happen is for the majority to wake up & that won't happen while they're worrying about mortgages & being sent to sleep by brainless tv programs. And there's no coincidence to that.

  • I think I'm going travelling abroad I'm not voting anyone into a paid job no matter how well they dress or can talk. When ministers are community volunteers and not buisiness people I'll start voting I'm quoting now but as far as the long arm of the government goes I'm going to keep just a little bit further where I control my life and freedom is real

  • Not really sure at the moment. I think I will have to look at what information I can find and see what the candidates are like.

    At the moment their are three I am thinking about voting for.

    Green Party - Jonathan Ingleby

    TUSC - Sue Powell

    Monster Raving Loony Party - George Ridgeon

  • Quote

    I just wondered if anyone knows of any research that has been done to indicate whether, in areas that have a really low voter turnout, they tend to get a real stinker of a local council?

    well a lot of the constituencies with lowest turnout seem to be labour seats (and are also mostly up north and scotland). Managed to find and article from 2002 detailing what were considered worst councils at that time and looking at their voter turnout from the 2001 election there doesn't seem to be too much of a correlation.