How to deal with this punk?

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  • Ok so i dont want to involve the filth. I like to do things the vigilante way :-)

    I have a raging temper right now especially on a full moon which it is at the moment.
    My car is in getting serviced right now so there is no car parked on my drive way tonight.
    My problematic neighbour whos has entered my garden on two occasions that i know of due to being witnessed by my other lovely neighbour who kindly let me know he was snooping. Hes done it again!

    Tonight. he didnt know i was in ( no car on drive way) and he has tried my gate.
    Dog gave a little bark but because i was on the phone to a client i couldnt get up and see what it was.
    When i finished my shift to take the dog for a walk my garden gate was wide open.
    No Not the Wind, Not me leaving it open. I know it was him. The **** next door.

    Now.. right now im plotting. How do i show this guy im one crazy fucking bitch how do i scare him into submission so he never enters my fucking garden again.

    Plots on a postcard please

    Ps this year has been going well but i just need to sort this punk.

  • There's plenty of things you could do, but do you want to just scare him or the whole street? :D

    Try to get some good pictures of him on your property. Buy a decent high res webcam for your computer, download some surveillance software that detects and records people. Leave your car off the drive again to encourage him in. Make sure he doesn't see the camera.
    Edit the pics, adding evil spirits or the grim reaper staring at him holding a scythe. Print out and post the modified pictures through his letterbox, one per day. Start discreetly adding satanic symbols onto the front of your house/gate as well. Knock on his door and just stand there staring.


  • I had problems like that once with someone coming in in the night. I rigged up an alarm with a post in the ground and an empty gas bottle next to it. A hammer head on another bit of wood that swung down and hit the gas bottle. It was held up with a nail through a couple of staples and the nail pulled out by a strand of fishing line that the gate pushed into. It made a hell of a bang in the middle of the night. Only happened once :D

    ' When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place '

  • Cheers guys some good ideas there.
    I have calmed down a lot today.
    Paul i did do the polite approach when i first moved in and he was caught snooping by my neighbour.
    I kindly suggested to the knob that if he needs anything or has to retrieve balls/ kids toys etc from my garden that he is welcome to knock my front door and i will get it for him. Firmly and farily laying down boundaries. It hasnt worked though.
    This is a lovely street nice house and most folks are nice around here .
    Apparently im the longest staying tenant theyve had.
    My landlord (aware of the situation) happens to live right opposite me cant understand why the property cant keep tenants.
    I think they now know why - guy next door.
    I like your idea greenvanman - i may have to rig something up in fact i have one of those personal alarms that was given to me by the police when i was getting hassle from my ex. Like a keyring grenade thingy - when the chord is pulled it sounds a really high pitched loud noise. (Pitty it didnt blow up like a grenade.)
    Julian - funny you should say that i do have a very good head mistress sounding voice especially when im annoyed but alass its not feared this guy any.
    I know this is not very hippy peace loving of me but if i catch that guy in my garden red handed myself i will do him some serious damage.
    My history of hassle with folks - be they ex partners or neighbours has made me reflect on myself my body language/ posture and Im asking questions such as do i bring this on my self.
    Im reading lots of helpful tips on dealing with conflict. All i want is some peace though.
    I simply cant wait to get out of here and trot off in my van when i get it. Role on the home on wheels.

  • Can you not fit one of the Motion Light Sensor things , it will illuminate the whole place were ever its required .

    Also those Dash Cams a few of us bought from ebay some of us had a forum up here , can be used for Security and Evidence .

    Camera is only £12.99 , and can work continualy on a 24 hr loop , can be fitted inside of house facing outwards . Its also Infra Red .

  • Just go and do the same to him, peep through his window when he reacts just give him both barrells ha ha.

    Better still ,waite till youve seen him in your garden then go round and say youve had some washing stolen , {Arnold Lane } type stuff , ask if he knows anything about it .

    When he says no {because you didnt have anything there anyway } tell all your nieghbours that youve embarrased yourself thinking it was him after he says he didnt take anything .

    Well , with this Fabrication youve made up , let the nieghbours decide whats happened . :reddevil:

    Doubt if youll even see him down the Shops

    {Does this come under the Classification of -
    He"s Bitten Off more than he can Chew :hippy:

    Does anything in life realy matter as long as the Kettles still working .

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  • Lol wurzel trust you :)
    Yes solo motion light already in back garden ( again hasnt dettered him)
    Need to get new camera - Family member bought one for my housewarming present shortly after twats first intrusion in my garden.
    However the camera ( although good in day light) crap at night. It also recorded on loop but what i need is something that records only when there is motion in garden .
    I found that the cam i had also slowed up my pc big time. So theres quite a bit of updating i need to do to computer and equipment then im set to go again.
    Shame this neighbour is costing me money. If only he could actually see what i have in my house ( Nada worth the pinching)

    P.S. If anyone knows of a reasonably priced motion detection camera on the market which only starts recording when there is movement on my property then please do tell.

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  • damn i just gave away a whole bag of party poopers (i mean poppers) to my son so he could take em back up the road at new years eve. I can always get more though, they are cheap enough. :D

  • I like the rape alarm idea. If you could set that to go off when he opens the gate it would scare the ***** out of him. If you could set something to flash at the same time so that he thinks a camera flash has gone off too then that would be great, but I have no idea how you could make that work.
    Much as it would inconvenience you too, maybe put a lock on the gate and keep it locked for a while, until he has tried it several times and found it locked. Maybe then he would get bored and stop checking.
    If you have a little dog how about encouraging it to go in a place where he can't help but step in it if he comes in, especially when it's dark.

  • There are anti-dog or cat alarms which emit both inaudible and audible warning sounds, depending how they are set. Something audible like this should be enough to put him off. Some of these alarms also flash, which if fixed up high enough would give the impression of photos being taken.
    You could let it be known amongst neighbours that you have fitted an intruder camera alarm, and photos will be forwarded to the police.

  • The rape alarm fixed up with fishing line to the gate would do it.Had a set up a few years back when we had problem's with security guards raiding the kitchen,they would see we weren't around then strike.Stopped the bugger's,thing is if they had asked for something we would have given it.

  • I know you said that you've already been round and spoken to him, but surely the next step is to go round again and say very clearly "I know you have been in my garden. Please DO NOT come in again unless you have good reason". I don't see that you can take things any further until you have at least tried this. Seriously, if you start playing games you will just be behaving as badly as him and are likely to get yourself into trouble. Just because you don't want to go to the police, doesn't mean that he wouldn't!

  • Oh i quite agree 3rubs.
    I can just picture him running straight to the old bill, even if i so much as called him a name, because hes a chicken shit little ******** **** with a **** *****

  • Motion sensing "wildlife cam", blow the photo up large, put it through his letter box... or if you're really brave stick it to your garden gate, for the whole street to see... and (this bit it crucial) say NOTHING. Write nothing on it. Say not one word about it. Smile at him, creepily. Do not speak to him. He'll be fucking terrified.

  • If you know his Surname , why not get some Free Samples of anything embarrasing off the net , but maybe give his neighbours address were to post things , you dont have to just stop with his neighbour , why not the whole street . :p

  • I could print up copies and post them through all the other neighbours doors.

    Thats a dodgy Wicket , you then are the perpetrator and he becomes the victim of Harrasment .
    Police put you in the taxi unfortunately .

    Its easier doing it the Legal way , no come backs on yourself .

    Shooting him with a Cross Bow mite sound good , but trying to get a reception on your Mobile thru a Prison wall and Connect to Hippie might be a trifle exsazberating . :lol: