Help With my LDV convoy speedo!

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  • Hello chaps,

    A good afternoon to all.

    Anyone with a history of LDVs able to help me..

    My convoy minibus conversion has a tacho fitted, which the previous owner has tampered with - theres a switch to turn the speedo on/off (obviously to avoid certain laws, naughty naughty).

    My problem is that even when on the speedo doesnt actually work, it (the needle) will do one sweep of the speedo then stop. Im wondering weather its an electric or mechanical issue? Can I do a straight swap for a different standard speedo from a different van?

    The bus is a 1998 2.5d (transit engine) convoy.

    Thankyou for any replies!

  • Ah yes I do the same sometimes, I can judge my speed pretty well too, but it would be nice to have a speedo. Another concern is that the mileage isnt going up which will look dodgy on MOT's.

  • Mechanical I suspect. I used to have an LDV with a similar issue ( the needle used to jump of the little speedo pin).
    Easiest fix if you don't care that hard is to use a Satnav as a speedo. Otherwise you could get the tacho replaced.
    I have a complete LDV workshop manual but it doesn't really mention tachos. I suspect tacko issues are for the relevant certified tacho fitters to know about.

  • I think the MOT tester will be more bothered whether the speedo works , than the recorded milage, I had an LDV for 6 years and the speedo worked , but the milometer was jammed.I think it should be easy just to swop the tacho for a standard clock.

  • Hi, Im not an expert but I think the tacho is fitted because you have an ex minibus,if you have changed the vehicle into a camper im sure fitting a simple replacement speedo is fine.
    I dont see why you would have any problem doing a simple component change over,otherwise.
    I can give you the address of a friend who might be able to help you,he runs a garage near us,PM me if you want his details.

  • John - wouldn't be duncan at Dorset Plant your refering too?

    Yes it is an ex minibus, problem is the dials on a standard speedo are slightly different so could run into issues. However I think Ill stick with satnav and my good old sense of inertia! Thanks for replys!

  • Just had a look, looks like you might have to replace the instrument cluster as the speedo ain't separate. They cost under 50£ though. I'll have a look in my workshop manual when I get back to my hard drive if you want and find out how difficult it is.

  • And the mileage on the odometer is only important if you are trying to sell the vehicle.
    Since the only person who buys my vehicles is only interested in scrap weight and how to get it to the yard, mileage is irrelevant!

    YMMV or not as the case may be.

  • subgenre that would be great. Ideally Id like proper LDV speedo as I prefer i too a tacho anyways. Can get one on ebay for £25.

    oddballdave I agree, When I come to sell I'd be honest with the buyer about its uncertain mileage.