Income support & single parent

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  • My other question is why have a child if you can't afford too?

    So...,....if only the ones who can afford a child should have children.

    It's all very well being idealistic about this, but unfortunately the ones who suffer are the children themselves ... love don't provide warm blankets, a roof and healthy food - and sadly the state doesn't do a very good job of it either. Yeah get angry about that, but not at the expense of a hungry child!

    Having a child ain't quite the same as getting a telly on finance or booking a fancy foreign holiday (and yeah, poor people should be allowed those too) - it's about a living, breathing human being - a mouth to feed and one of the biggest responsibilities anyone can ever take on.

    It doesn't matter if you're rich or poor, it's a lifetime commitment ... and it's a commitment that requires both financial stability AND a loving, stable environment with healthy-minded parents.

    Too many people treat it all too lightly. So do we say "hold on, are you sure you're ready for this?", or do we say "It's OK Luv, follow your hormones and we'll pick up the pieces when it all goes tits up"?

    Such a materialist culture as we have creates a very disturbing idea of who can apparently afford children....funny cos some of the happiest children I've ever seen are in some of the poorest countries, but with that mind set they wouldn't even be alive......

    I seem to remember back in February you expressing serious doubts about having the child, and when I challenged the decision you defended yourself, vehemently staying how stable your circumstances were and how your financial security was almost a certainty.…Hormones-what-a-great-mix

    Thing is, I'm sure most people want the best for you and your child, as do I - and I certainly don't think any child should be punished for the sins of their parents.

    But it does beg a very important question that isn't just about you, it's about the amount of people believing things will somehow sort themselves out, even when all the alarm bells are saying otherwise.

  • Civilizations have come and gone. Major catastrophes, famine & war. Its the luck of the draw. I believe in choice and in my case a privilege to reproduce. Collectively we can take control of many worldly issues, mainly our environment & size of our own family. Harvesting the planets resources, species reduction/extinction as human populations have grown, has become part of the planets evolution. Its a brave person who can stand up and say enough is enough. Maybe someone else needs to do it.

  • I've been thinking a lot about this.. Especially after being called a Tory!

    I can't do that fancy quote thing..

    But, I believe that the State should be there to support people in need..

    Therefore parents on low income, yes are in need of funds to provide for their children. They are working and require a top up.

    But why should people not looking for work get paid JSA? It's like me expect to be paid for not working! If someone is looking for work, undertaking training or voluntary work then yes, they should get benefits.

    And why should the state pay for people to have children?? If someone is working then the above will apply.. E.g a top up from wages.

    Or why shouldn't a single parent look for work??? I really still want to know the answer to this question... Why wouldn't anyone want to visit the job centre to find out what help there is to get off benefits?????

    The money available isnt a bottomless pit .. I would prefer money to be given to support people in need through no fault of their own.. Elderly in need of good quality care, the nhs buying cancer drugs..

    So instead of paying money to people who have chosen to claim benefits due to their own self made situation should more be paid to people who need it due to circumstances beyond their control.

  • One of the points thats bugging me,if a single mum,chooses under benifit rules or is made to work,and it more or less pays for her child care costs,or she gets the child care costs paid and by working and sending her child to a child care setting is the same or not much better off.there is no one better to look after that child than its mother,so why waste money paying for someone else to do the job mothers are there for.i work with kids,and have in other settings,and so much,i cant say bad or damage,but the kids do suffer,developmentally,emotionally,by being sent away from there mothers,i can understand people saying why have kids if you cant afford them,and it does happen,but some peoples situations change so they find themselves in the shit.but who knows how much it takes to raise a child? all these polls and reports are a load of rubbishthat say it costs ? £££,to bring up a child, as they state the best of everything.but again what does a child need? we ve bought up 7 on a lowish wage,never claimed a thing only child benifit,even when other half broke his back and was off work for 9 months we were entitled to nowt.our saying is,you many not have all you want,but you have what you need,and apart from playgroups have never relied on anyone else to do my job,and i feels so lucky to have been able to do that,but if people didnt feel they had to have the latest this that and the other,so would so many others,sorry if it turned into a rant,enough said lol x