insuring a bus to live in

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  • I was wondering about this for my little van. I bought a C15 and when I insured it, the company asked me why I was using it. I didn't say anything about living in it and my initial response was 'because i want a van..' and the insurance company came back with over £1000 to insure it "because I didn't have a purpose". Thinking on my feet, I said, "oh well I can't take my mountain bike in my car so that's one major reason I got my van" and they dropped their price to £515. Huge difference just because of the purpose. Insuring motorhomes can be a lot cheaper but I think there might be regulations as to what features it has in order to count as a motorhome. If you're going stealth, you'll have trouble insuring it as a motorhome because of the windows requirement. I'm no expert, could well be wrong, but that's just what I've gone by for my insurance purposes.

  • I guess it only becomes a problem if you try to make a claim or if you have an accident, and the insurance company SOMEHOW find out you are using it for a different purpose than you told them. Worst case scenario might be you hurt someone in an accident and they can't claim anything because your insurance company thinks you lied about the use of the van, and they invalidate your policy. Which they might well do, as they are in the business to make money, not to make people happy ;-).
    Maybe they'd never find out what you were using the van for, I dunno.
    In your case, Raffi, I'd say I'm using the van to haul my stuff when I go camping. That way you can explain why you've got camping stuff (sleeping bag etc) in your van .....

  • Are we talking an actual bus or a minibus? Tendentially campervan insurance is cheaper than commercial van insurance especially if you are a newish driver. A lot of camper van policies come with mileage limitations though( Anywhere inbetween 3000 and 10000miles per year) and some require you to register the vehicle as motor caravan with the DVLA.

    Whatever you do, don't tell them that you are a traveller, they are biased against us :)

    /my windowless white 7.5ton box lorry is by the way insured and mot tested as a camper

    /I made good experiences with Adrian flux as camper van insurers

  • My Bedford 330 6.5 ton library bus is converted to motorhome, its 485 per year and thats with european breakdown. With Adrian flux. my Renault master camper is 186. Seems reasonable to me! I.m 52 with 60 % ncd. xx