Tarot Readings offered :)

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  • My husband and I have a Facebook page and group where we talk about Tarot and other divination methods used to do readings. It's a hobby that I really enjoy :) so because of that I'd like to offer some free readings to anyone that would like one.

    If it's ok with Admins, you can ask a question here, or ask for a general reading, and I can type it here for you :D

  • Caz, I'm blown away as quite a lot of what you said did resonate with me and made me realise that basically the future is brighter and to learn from the past.

    Thank you :-)

  • Caz i'd love a reading please if you have time. Could do with some insights on whether i should renew my membership with an organisation i belong to or strike away from the organisation. Don't mind if you post here xxxx

  • Sarah, for you I've done a two paths spread. This starts with showing where you are now, then shows the benefits, downsides and possible outcome of each choice.

    Just as an aside, the cards that have come up here are quite interesting as out of 7 cards, 5 of them are Majors, which implies this is a pretty important thing you're contemplating, with one being the "where you are now" card, and the others coming up for the downsides and possible outcome for each option. For the "benefits" positions, both options drew Court cards- still important, but not quite as important as the other positions.

    Anyway, sorry to babble, here's your reading:

    Where you are now- there is someone in authority who is telling you what to do. I would guess this is the fact that your renewal has come through and you need to decide what to do next. You feel that you're expected to do a certain thing (renew) as this is what "most" people normally do, but you're not "most" people. You want to find all the facts out for yourself before you decide whether this is a wise thing to do or not. You don't want to rush into it, feel pushed into it, or do it just because you've been told to. Either way, I think this is a good sign as it means whatever option you take in the end you will be happy to live with as you will know it was the right thing for you to do at the time.

    The benefits of each choice-
    Renew- renewing brings action. Whether this is action from yourself being an active member of the organisation, or from your membership fee enabling the organisation to take action. The action here feels to be setting free, taking off shackles, escape and the end to imprisonment, freedom. There's a sense of being true to yourself, showing the world who you are and what you believe in if you renew.
    Don't renew- This is more about finances. If you don't renew there will be less of a drain on your finances, both from the cost of renewal and any travel that may be associated with membership if you attend events/meetings, etc. The contrast here to the previous card is that in the last card people were removing their masks in the picture, whereas in this card people have their masks on. Is this option less the "real" you and more of a necessity maybe? You feel that it's more finance driven that heart driven choice/option.

    The downsides of each choice-
    Renew- If you renew you worry that you don't know everything that the organisation stands for and is involved in. You need to make sure you have done plenty of research to satisfy yourself as something is niggling you about them, something you think they may be hiding or isn't clear to you. The other thing here is that if you renew this may have an effect on how other people view you too if they know you are a member. Not everyone understands your beliefs and feelings on this matter, and you may find you retreat into yourself a little to protect yourself from adverse comments.
    Don't renew- If you don't renew you may feel a bit left out, a bit lonely as you won't be in touch with the like minded people from the organisation so much. You may feel a bit set adrift, looking for something to do to fill the hole left from not renewing.

    The possible outcome of each path-
    Renew- again, masks are being removed in this card. If you renew you are well and truely telling the world this is who you are and what you believe in. You passionately believe that great things can come from small beginnings, and so you will be proud to be a part of this and the action that you hope to accomplish by being a member. You may have to stand up to people or corporations/organisations that are bigger and more powerful than you and your organisation are, but together you have a chance to stand up for what you believe in and make a difference.
    Don't renew- this is a new start, a rebirth of sorts. A new chapter in your life is beginning, out with the old and in with the new. You will become a person shaped by past events, but not governed or controlled by them. This is a new start with a clean slate. You've come to the end of a cycle in your life, and feel the need to move on, to try something different. You will have the potential to grow as a person, to expand your experiences and be excited about what may be coming next.

    Hope this resonates with you Sarah :)

  • I've drawn cards for a general spread for you paranoid eyes.
    Here's your reading:

    I think there has been some change or upheaval in your life recently, a fair amount of action going on. In the past you've felt stifled, shackled, and you were unhappy with the situation. You've been able to break free from this and to move on, forward to a new part of your life. Now you feel you are being more true to yourself than you were previously. You had become someone/something you didn't want to be. Not overnight, but over a long period of time, just small changes here and there until you realised one day that you weren't happy with the person you had become. Now you feel that you have been set free and have the opportunity to show the world who you really are, you don't need to hide behind a false face anymore. You can be a bit unsure at times as to what direction to take as you're not really sure where you're heading next, but if you look around you it should be obvious- all the signs are pointing in the same direction, showing you what to do next, you just have to take notice of them and things will start to fall into place. Try not to look backwards, but look forwards instead, to the new oppurtunities that are presentling themselves to you.

    The theme of taking off your old mask and showing the world the real you is coming through again. It won't always be easy, but you have the inner strength to see things through, you just need to persevere. Look inside yourself and you'll realise that you're stronger than you think. Also, you need to realise that physical strength is not the be all and end all of things, having a strong personality and sticking to your convictions is another form of strength that is often overlooked. You may feel the need for some time alone to contemplate what is happening in your life and how you want to react to things going on and what you want to do next. There is nothing wrong in doing this. Research, contemplation, just a bit of time out for yourself can make all the difference to how you feel.

    The final message here is to try to keep things in balance in your life. This isn't always easy, but it's worth putting in the time and effort as the rewards will be worth it. Try to keep calm in the midst of madness and chaos and things are more likely to go the way you want them to. Not everyone has your best interests at heart, so it's worth taking a moment to take stock of what's going on around you, try to distance yourself from those types of people, and aim to have more people in your life that do have your best interests at heart. Some people will look for the easy way rather than the right way. You need to decide if that's what you want, or if you want to do things the right way, even if it involves more effort and is possibly less strightforward.

    Hope this resonates with you paranoid eyes :)

  • Caz :hug: Lady you are GOOD!!!!! we're a few days on and there have been numerous developments, shan't bore you with the details but literally everything you said was perfectly applicable for the immediate situation at hand and has helped me enormously with the decision i have now made :) the thing with the masks was key and helped me not to react immediatley but to stay in the flow of whatever the universe and my higher self has in plan for me, the universe took care of my membership issue without me having to do a thing in reaction, i stayed in my truth, have sought and am seeking incredibly wise counsel and am very very hopeful for the future :) thanks again hon and please do PM me your facebook page link so I can give you a like and a review too xxxx

  • Hi arrby and pyke13, I would love to do readings for you.

    I'm busy with work today and tomorrow, so if I don't get a chance over the next day or so, I'll definately do them at the weekend for you.

    Caroline :)

  • Hi
    Could you do a reading for me too please?
    I know you are busy so don't worry how long it takes!
    If you can could you pm it.
    Thank you.
    Lesley xx

  • Hi whitepoppy :)

    I'll just think of your name and ask the question "what does whitepoppy need to know?" while I'm shuffling the cards. I'll then deal out some cards and from the pictures on them interpret what I see into a message for you.

    If you could let me know if you want me to write it up in this thread or send you a pm with the message, I'll get onto it later for you.

    Caroline :D