Does anyone have any advice on a stove suitable for a yurt/ger? Pretty please :)

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  • I've been trying to do as much research as I can but I really struggle with concentrating and it really tires me out (joys of cfs :p) so I thought I would ask if I could pick your collective brains about it if anyone has any knowledge on the subject. Short story is we have a 19ft yurt (its awesome) and need to get a stove for it. I've read alot on the fourdogs website about how it needs good seals, something to do with a baffle and air intake adjustable which all makes sense but I'm struggling with finding something suitable as unfortunately fourdogs are american. I've heard good things about windysmithy as really like the fact you can have an oven (which I would really like if I can afford it) but they are very pricey with flue costs etc ontop of stove price and we can't really afford to spend that much on a stove as we've put all our money into buying the yurt and building a base. So basically do you guys have any suggestions from experience of alternatives that are available in the uk?

    Any help would be gratefully appreciated

    (sorry if this is in the wrong section I wasn't sure as yurts are nomadic structures but while in one place I thought it might be relevant to the good life section)

  • I really like that stove Julian. Very nice design. :thumbup:

    Thanks Steve. The top door is for super easy cleaning. When the wind is in the wrong direction you could chuck a firelighter in there too to help get it started from cold, but I doubt you'd ever need to really :-) The oven is big enough for a good sized roast and the hotplate will do all the veg :D

  • How much are you planning to spend? This is one I finished a few days ago...:D

    we don't really have an absolute price in mind we're trying to work out how much we can spend and what we can get for that. kind of caus we also have other things that we need to spend money on (building a compost loo is kind of a no brainer for me but making furniture is a luxury) and then other things we could do without to save money. How much are your stoves out of interest?

  • Maybe not in the same league as Julianthegypsy's stoves but these are ideal for tents ,yurts etc a fellow on site has been using one in his bell tent for the last year http://www.thebushcraftstore.c…--wood-burner-10404-p.asp

    I'd actually forgotten about this kind of thing thanks for reminding me, I had stumbled across them before - I thought one would be a massive extravagance but awesome for travelling in our campervan if we did it full time at some point in the future. Do you happen to know off hand how bigger diameter the bell tent that ones used in is do you? Trying to work out how much kw me need for our space which is a bit ogf a headache

  • Hiya. Depends what you want really, the one in the picture is £500, but it's really big and has a big oven. If you wanted a standard stove then a big one would be £260, something like this one but without all the really complicated decorations:

    The bushcraft ones are great, but they are designed for camping trips. I.E. lightweight. A large one of mine would weigh at least twice the weight of the bushcraft and probably nearer three times, because its not designed to be carried to a campsite for holidays, it's designed to be used six months of the year without a break for many years. I don't expect anyone who buys one of mine to ever need another one. You can buy thin wall stainless steel tube for the flue pipe, it's long lasting and you can buy it to the exact length you want, so no joints to worry about, and I can make the roof plate and dektite flahing for £50, so you'd be looking at about £400 for everything you needed, maybe a bit less.

  • looks good julian, could you do a glass door for my burner? im lovely and wsrm but id like to see an alternative to the tv?

    I could do mate, but I'd have to have the stove out and do some mods to the air intake. Wrong time of year really, you need the heat and funnily enough, I have quite a few people asking for stoves. Perhaps they think the weather might get colder soon, I wonder why?:whistle::D Maybe a job for over the summer?