Best ways to treat anxiety

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  • Hi guys,for the last 18 months or so I have been suffering periods of anxiety,the main ways this is manifesting itself are not being able to sleep,needing to get out of the house,loss off appetite,finding it hard to concentrate.
    Have been to see my gp and he has prescribed sleeping pills which I am loathe to start taking,my anxiety stems I am sure from an extremely traumatic event last year.Iam in a queue to see a councillor,but was wondering if any of you guys had any ideas on what I can do to help myself. many thanks mark

  • It's different for everyone, depends on the cause.
    I'm taking some strong medication, which helps, but even that doesn't stop panic attacks. Only yesterday I found myself bolting from supermarket.
    Distraction helps, I submerge myself in projects, only problem with that is when I've completed one project I need another to stop everything 'crowding' back onto me.
    Time is a healer, and having faith in yourself helps, but there is no best way.
    My sleeping pattern is irratic so these days I just roll with it, if I'm bolt awake at bedtime then I do something, like design something, until I fall asleep.
    Hope you get to see the councillor soon.

  • I use good quality L-Theanine, which I buy from the USA (PM me if you need the link), not the 3rd rate crap that they sell in UK stores. I take 150mg in the morning and 150mg before going to bed, together with 1g of melatonin.

    It calms me and makes me alert and focused without being edgy.

  • Something like 40 years of my adult life have been blighted by anxiety.
    You can't gjve up though.
    My GP is very good. Talk to your doctor about short term medication. It helps me and is not addictive.
    Also talk to people you can trust. One of my old neighbours is a psychologist and in an hour changed my life. She explained about CBT and change one small thing.
    So I gave up my house, got a caravan and live in a field.

    You really don't need to do anything that drastic!

    Also, I'm not very practical in a bloke type way. Vehicles, technology, etc.
    So I'm always finding new ways of fudging stuff up which I know triggers my anxiety sometimes.
    I was telling a friend this the other day and she said. 'There is a lot of pressure on men to be good at manly things'.
    I had never looked at it that way before and now I'm seriously considering a whole new range of hobbies and jobs and maybe find my little niche in this world.

    My thanks to Levey for that link too.

    Change one small thing.
    Best wishes

  • Hi Mark, i suffered from anxiety following a bereavement in oct 2012 and eventually went to my GP who referred me for counselling which really helped me and i learnt ways of coping with and managing the anxiety. A website she suggested was /mindfulness. I found it useful and it really helped me cope. I wish you well and hope you get thinks sorted out.

  • Have you tried hypnotheraphy? Also EFT ... emotional freedom technique where you tap on acu-pressure points.. it's called "tapping" for short... it's effective, quick and easy to learn .. I had a dreadful period of not sleeping but found a good method for relaxing in bed... basically concentrating on breathing... breathing in for a count of 7 and then out for a longer, slower count of 11... I'll try and remember the book it was in.. it was very helpful... also if you can't sleep or wake up in the night and can't get back to sleep.. get up and go downstairs or wherever... because as long as you associate your bed with a lack of sleep, you will get anxious about not being able to sleep in it. Also hot milk/bananas contain natural tryptophan.. which aid sleep.

  • You're quite right Angio... lettuce contains mild traces of laudanum...:sleep:. in "days of olde" used to eat lettuce sandwiches before going to bed! When I suffered anxiety probs I used to hyperventilate.. basically because I was breathing from the chest and not from the tummy.... and had to be taught how to breath properly .. sounds daft but it was spot on... Also, maybe Treeboy might consider seeing a Reiki healer or buying some rose quartz.. I'm sure someone on here will direct him to the best place and how to cleanse crystals before using them...

  • Thanks again guys for all your help,spot on jopo am starting to take small steps,am taking time out from work and trying to chill more,also considering changing,what i do for a job ,even though I enjoy my work it is just getting to demanding.

  • Thanks again guys for all your help,spot on jopo am starting to take small steps,am taking time out from work and trying to chill more,also considering changing,what i do for a job ,even though I enjoy my work it is just getting to demanding.

    I left a job I had some passion for because I just couldn't handle the stress of it. I simply don't cope well with stress and it was making me miserable. I work a job that is OK, now. It's not fulfilling but it brings in enough money for me to get by - without stress - and I don't think about it from the moment I leave until the moment I step back through the doors the next morning. I want a simple life and actually simple things make me happy. I got to know myself better and changed things (and am still changing things) years later, to suit me and my life. Nobody else. (Though I don't have any responsibilities so it's easy for me in that way.) The things I am passionate about are in my life in a different way because they're there when I choose to put them there, in my own time, at my choice. I think I'm a better person for it, whatever that means! :o

  • First time posting - have been a member a long time but forgot about this site until I saw emails pop up in my inbox.

    Sorry to hear you are struggling with anxiety, it is so difficult to live with and sometimes you don't get the understanding from others of what an all enveloping 'thing' anxiety is.
    It's not just your mind, your body reacts also and it's very confusing when first experiencing anxiety.
    Anyway, back to your post. You asked how people deal with it. As some others have mentioned - time is a great healer. I think this is true as you get to recognise the signs and symptoms easier. I would definitely recommend cbt therapy. I found it very useful, gentle and eye opening - one realises you are not your thoughts, you are you and you cannot control thoughts and feelings, they are what they are, but we can control our behaviour ie) how we lighten the load that is making us anxious.

    Your post is a few months old now, and I do hope you've managed to speak to a councillor by now. If not, hang on in there - this won't last forever. X

  • Hi purplelipstick many thanks for the advice,hopefully I will be starting a course of counselling in the new year,have cut down my workload and giving myself more chill time which has really improved things,many thanks mark

  • Hi treeboy,
    I have just found this thread. I hope you have started your counselling. I have suffered from bouts of anxiety all my life. I have recently found this book to be very useful and it has really helped. I still get anxious thoughts but after reading this book. I can stop the thoughts in their tracks and they don't escalate. It is written in a very matter of fact way.
    If you have not started your counselling yet it might be worth a read I borrowed it fro my library.

    Its called coping with fears and phobias by warren Mansell IBSN 978-1-85168-514-1.

    I do hope your feeling better.

  • I've skimmed down the comments and im going to say the one thing i havent seen anyone else put ( i dont think they have anyway) and you'll probably dislike it...but if you've been to your doc and they prescribed sleeping meds TAKE already stated you have sleep deprivation...sleep deprivation alone can wreak utter havoc in every aspect of your life and often also mimic signs of depression and anxiety! Please don't take my comment as being insensitive or rude, it is no way meant to be!!! I just know from experience that sometimes you have to hear it straight and tough love can be more helpful and productive than juzt hearing the things you want to hear. So yeah take the meds and don't just take them for a couple if days because you either don't think they work or they make you feel too tired, these things take time to level out in your system and start performing properly! On the flip side i do genuinely sympathise with you! CBT is a fantastic tool and i really hope your councilling works. If your on the waiting list i guess you'll only get 6/8 weeks counselling so my best advice is take notes! What i found the first time i had a 'course' of CBT it taught me so much but i had only just begun to work through the behavioural patterns before it ended...i wish id have taken notes so i could have repeatedly reffered back so i could have kept processing after my 'treatment' was over. But honestly take the meds, if nothing else youll get some more rest which will give you more energy to deal with the problems! On the alt. Therapies front....this might sound really odd but there is a 100% herbal diffuser you can buy from pet stores to help chill out cats, its got all the classics like valerian, vervain and hops as well as other stuff and its great for people too! So that way you dont need any pills, potions or lotions just plug it in and relax! I really hope your feeling well on the road to recovery soon. I hope this post isnt taken the wrong way, it is not written by someone who 'doesnt understand' ive spent my whole life on various meds and in and out of 'treatment' so everything i say comes out of care. Wednesday.