Any ideas what just happened to me?

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  • Ok so a long story short, i have always been a fisherman, mainly lakes where it is catch and release, i think iv'e eaten 2 trout iv'e ever caught in 15 years of fishing. Well this summer i went mackeral fishing with a family member and again, we ate one or two, and i felt ok with this as they were in abundance and they were line caught fish not trawled from the ocean. Anyway, receently ive been doing more sea fishing, where there are edible fish. Ive had about 15hours fishing over a few sessions with not a single fish, then tongiht i caught a good few including a sea bass. When i caught the bass i thought to myself, i am going to eat this fish as its been so hard work to catch it, and they are the prized eating fish. Holding this fish in my hands, i thought all of a sudden, "do i throw you back, or do i keep you?". It was beautiful to look at, and i nearly threw it back, but i decided to keep it. I suddenly started feeling a bit upset as i carried on fishing, then it got to the point where i had a little cry on the phone to my mother saying i suddenly felt a deep sadness that i had just killed this fish when i could of just thrown it back. I know that sounds silly, but iv'e never felt like this, and i really don't think i can do it again even with fish like mackeral. What i don't understand is why only now have i had this sudden emotion? Is it because it was such a hard thing to catch, and there are less of them than the humble mackeral? I don't understand, i feel a regret, sadness, and as silly as it may sound, great compassion for this beautiful creature that i just ignorantly took from the sea. Never again and i promise that to myself.

  • You allowed yourself to become emotionally attached to the catch of the day. its ok to feel like you describe, its normal. The fact that you intended to eat it makes it more expectable in my eyes. Often greed gets the better of sea fishermen and they end up trying to find homes for the bycatch.

  • I`ve never been fishing but i know from experience that often you can do something for a long time then suddenly make a connection that you`ve never made before. Dunno why it happens something just seems to act as a trigger. It doesn`t sound silly at all :)

  • I used to go fishing with my dad when I was young and used to keep the fish that were big enough to eat. I miss eating fish now I'm a veggie, but the thought of holding a living animal in my hands and deciding whether it lives or dies makes me feel horrible now. I could and would do it again if it was a matter of survival, but I don't need to kill to eat, so I don't - and I'm happier for it :).

  • I think that was half of it, I knew I didn't have to but I didn't want to throw it back at the same time, then when I did kill it I started feeling bad that I did. Maybe I jut suddenly realised I don't want to eat what I catch, just enjoy the fishing for what it is and being lucky enough to see them when I do get them.

  • I enjoy fishing and eat what i catch, but its the only seafood i will eat. I refuse to eat mass caught fish of any kind, i know that supermarkets sell line caught fish but thats not a boy fishing with a rod its a boat with mile long lines and hundreds of hooks.
    I only ever catch enough fish that i can eat or keep to eat later, catch and return is just cruel!!!
    Putting a living animal thru all the stress of having a hook in its mouth, pulling it from its home then pulling the hook out of its mouth just for "sport"
    And yes i see he hypocrisy in killing the fish for food after hooking it n pulling it from its home.
    Was going some place with this but cant mind where i was going

  • Yeah. I do enjoy fishing n get real pissed of some times if i hit a heard of feeding cod as i end up going home with 2/3 fish after an hour instead of sitting on the rocks all night. Sometimes i can fish all day n catch nothing n be quiet happy. The reason im called pyke is cos o the amount of fishing i did when i was young and cos my real name is mike.

  • I am not one for fishing.. I've even been once to see if my mind would change but I really don't agree with it for reasons mentioned above..

    anyhow,.. I wonder how often we in our lives have to make decision to kill a living creature? I always catch spiders in a glass and put them outside, have a humaine mouse trap for the mice the cat bring in etc.. Obviously I probably stand on hundreds of insects, but I don't go out of my way to kill them... So I am not surprised you feel sadness by your actions.. I think it shows compassion ...xx

  • What happened to you Darren, you just got wiser, you realise that its not all about killing creatures, its about respect and value.

    I fish most weekends, and if I don`t catch its not a problem, I do it just to get away from it all - escapism really, its great to just be out there man.

    I think its up to the individual if you want to take a fish home to eat, there`s no need to take a bag full but a couple of fish is fine.
    If you enjoy fishing but want minimise the harm caused its worth considering barbless hooks.
    Keep fishing buddy, here is a link to what we get up here…=UUqpWnXmNiApwiuaI-ZCS8Ww

  • Generations of my family have been avid rod and line freshwater and sea fishermen.My dad (long since passed away , RIP) was no exception and fished from a kid up to he was around 65 ish.He suddenly decided he wouldnt do this anymore, as he felt that although he loved 'the thrill of the catch' he didnt like the idea of being in control of whether the fish lived or died as he thought fish such beautiful creatures.His choice, which I totally respected.I had already at that time given up fishing as a hobby.

  • No reason really pyke i just wondered as id always done catch and release, its good seeing the other views of it. I love it just the same if i dont catch for the same reasons, its nice to just be out, but i did look at it this time and realise i was making the decision as to weather the fish lived or not, while if i had never of put a line in the water, it would of surely lived. It was upsetting for me, im very compassionate anyway, but that just opened my eyes i think, as im not used to killing fish.