Whats the earliest time of year you could live in a tent (south of England)?

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  • With the unprdictable British Weather thats anyones guess .

    But instead of having a Tent have you not thought about using/buying a Fishing Bivvy .

    Different sizes etc , but thats not just what there all about , its the difference in fabric , there not just like your average tent {for holiday users } there more to endure rough weather in for Sports {fishing etc } and are not much different in price .

  • A bell tent with a wood burner you could happily live all year round in the UK I would have thought


    I would say the same Paul. I have a 5 metre belltent which I put a woodburning stove in. On a cold wet/windy day/night the woodburner is a blessing, if only on tickover. I do think live-in-tents need treating every year or two & possibly replacing every 4 years. I also have a separate (detachable) internal double bedroom section.


  • After I was evicted from my yurt in winter in france,I moved into a small two man tent in my woodland where the temperature dropped to minus 19. I had a very good sleeping bag under a couple of duvets,so bed time was pretty cosy,though my evening wash and shave was done by removing the appropiate clothes in order of my clean rather than all at once. It was charecter building out of the tent,but the tent bit was quite comfy.


    fly xx

  • There's a fellow on the CS site we have been using that's been living in a good quality bell tent with a wood burner and good quality equipment all year round, with the right gear I see no reason why anyone should be restricted by the seasons.

  • If you ask my sister, there is never a suitable time for camping; it is always too cold.

    Agree that it depends on your tolerance to cold, and the equipment you have. Personally, I've camped in both March and October. I survived. Sleeping was fine, everything else was a challenge.

    Checked out that bell tent website - awesome.

  • One year I camped in every month bar December in a variety of tents of varying quality including my own ropey 2 man that was still alive then and survived with a 1 season sleeping bag for the first part of the year till I finished my final d of e in Juneish and treated myself to a 2-3 season one as a treat after camping with crappy gear since I joined the girl guides back when I was at school. I only didn't get December caus noone was prepared to camp with me :-(. I survived in differing levels of comfort and have slightly better quality gear these days so I would say if you know what you're doing you shouldn't have any problems more severe than frozen bacon and beer. As the famous quote goes there's no such thing as bad weather just inappropriate clothing or something along those lines. I should probably add though that some people think I'm crazy :-)

  • I've camped in all weathers and at all times of the year. The coldest was around -10. As long as you have the correct equipment and clothing you should be fine if your reasonably healthy.
    The cold by itself shouldn't present too many problems to an experienced camper, the cold, wet and wind being the main cause of problems for campers in the british isles.
    Happy Camper, I often camp by myself also in winter cos people just think I'm mad

  • It's one thing going camping during the winter months but to live in a tent for any length of time is something different again. Moisture is the biggest problem as it eventually gets in to everything and when things are wet they don't really keep you warm. A bell tent and burner is a sensible option as it allows you to dry things like sleeping bag, outdoor clothing, boots etc. I'd be quite happy to live in a tent year round in the UK, but not whilst working at least through the winter.

  • It would be difficult to live a normal lifestyle if living year round in a tent. A lot would on your circumstances, resources etc as to whether you would be living in relative comfort or just surviving.
    Is it a lifestyle choice or forced upon you. Do you have some level of support from family/friends, eg, for laundry, showers etc., will you have some financial back up. You could consider using launderette services.
    It is doable but as Tim points out, not an easy choice year round and would need a lot of discipline to maintain a reasonably healthy and acceptable standard of living.