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  • I need a hobby.
    I've gone from having 2 horses which I took care of every day, to having none, and I'm just now taking on 3, 3 days a week so that's a start.
    I can't do the sports I want because I have a torn ACL.
    I've fried crafting and crocheting- I get bored and it gives me back ache.
    I cannot draw or paint, and i have zero imagination for writing etc.
    Also I work rotating shifts so I find it difficult to join a class or group as I can only go once every other week.
    I have no garden.
    what, on earth can I do to tear myself away from the TV?
    I fancy yoga or some kind of dance......i used to do martial arts but I'm sure my knee won't hold up to that any more.

    what do you guys do to stop insanity creeping in?

    Abby x

  • Well I'm looking forward to having some horses to take care of and one of them I can ride- of the other two one is too little and the other is still very green and is his owner's favourite. So I get Rocky Rockstar :) Big chunky bear x
    Wondering about swimming or aqua aerobic type things.

  • I can throw myself into the horses again, it's where I feel comfortable and safe, I need 2 things, one I can occupy myself at home alone, and one I can get out and do something fun and meet new people.
    The horses is a comfort zone......

  • Pyrography
    Learning a language
    Zumba - worked for Ma Bungo
    Karate, tai chi, Judo
    Hill walking - if there are hills near you
    Jewlery making
    Wood work, green wood work
    I dont reccommend the gym though - whats all that about? cycling away on a stationary bike that goes nowhere, surrounded by artificial lighting. Yeah never understood why folk want to spend time in a gym when they could be outdoors.

  • Try tai chi if you have a bit of space at home, as already mentioned. It's a wonderful relaxing exercise, stretches your muscles gently, and once you get into it, you start looking forward to daily sessions. Not just physical relaxation, but mental too.
    You can practise alone at home using a CD/DVD, and make the movements as slow as you like. There is no need to strictly follow every movement of every form, either. You can adjust it to your own physical limitations, and work into the more difficult moves more gradually. Well worth trying to see if you like it.

  • Good call, I'll see if I can get a dvd from the library to start with. I could do with learning to switch my brain off!
    I wish I could draw or paint.....is it something one can learn, do you reckon, or do you need a talent for it first?

  • One of my favourite hobbies is playing he Ukulele. I never thought I would start playing it. I originally looked at them for my wife as a small alternative to a guitar because we live in such a small space but once I go hold of one I became hooked.
    Ukuleles are very cheap and you can learn to play one in an evening. All you need is a few chords under your fingers and you can play countless songs. They are not too loud so you are unlikely to piss anyone off and they are small enough to carry around.
    The thing that really struck me though is the community surrounding this tiny instrument. Everyone you meet in the uke world just wants to play music and it doesn't matter is you are a beginner or an expert everyone just plays together and helps one another out.
    Nearly every song you can think of has been transcribed to play on the uke and YouTube is awash with tutorials on how to play.
    It is something you can do quietly by yourself at home and you can do with others at a pub jam night etc.

    It has changed my life