Which path do I take?

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  • Hi guys

    In a bit of a confused state at the moment. Really not sure which way to go!
    I'm just gonna throw this out there as all advice and the different perspectives would be greatly appreciated.
    I had a plan to take the job I have now which is great money, and save til around April where I would then get off wwoofing among other things.
    My daughter has already moved into my home with her family releasing me of all obligations to bills.
    The job hasn't worked out. My notice is given and I'll be off at the end of October. On foot is the idea.
    My funds will be limited. About 2 and a half grand.
    I have taught in the outdoors and have good gear and a load of experience to fall back on and despite being really nervous, terrified actually, I'm also excited at having the opportunity to meet new people, explore a new lifestle, learn new skills and more importantly, learn about myself.
    The spanner in the works in a good way is that I have been offered a part time job which would give me an income and lots of free time to do other stuff or extra work as needed. The cash I have would buy me an ok ish van to live in. The job itself I could go at anytime on an evening. I would be a key holder. There are showers and washing and cooking facilities. What do I do?

  • Thanks Chris. That is something I'm looking at. It would be a totally new lifestlye with quite a bit of freedom and I would be close to family too. Thanks again.

  • You could take the job for the winter and re look again in the summer months.. A van in the car park would sort out your accommodation and I guess you can use the building to charge up phones etc..

  • My advice same as above, buy the van, take the job, use their facilities, it will give you time and money to get through
    the winter, without too much hardship, and It will also give you thinking time to work out which direction to
    go in.

    My motto is 'Feel the fear, but do it anyway'

    Dolly :D

  • Thanks guys. It's looking like the van is winning out at the moment. It does make more sense with winter on the doorstep although it will clear me out of funds in the short term. Thanks again everyone :)

  • no contest, family nearby, safe park up, washing cooking facilities, living life with free time to do what you've alwsys wsnted to do, change your scenery when you want, play your music loud, or enjoy thr silence, living the dream , spicky

  • I would go for it myself, I get to live in the van when I am working away and the type of work I do means I get access to showers, and other luxuries needed when away so it's the best of both worlds really. As said above you get to change your scenery, meet new people and all that. Whatever you decide good luck to you

  • I don't know much about vans, but could you get one which needs updating or a part project.. Do it up over winter and then sell her on?

    Thanks everyone. A lot of positive stuff here. Regarding doing the van up, I simply just wouldn't have a clue. Shame really because it's an excellent idea.

  • It's better to start wanderings in the spring, so having a park up, money to eat, and close to family is grand for the winter - then in the spring see how much your feet are itching!

    Enjoy whichever route you take


  • Mally we're definitely cut from the same cloth. I'm in a pickle just now also! was planning on going out on foot in spring but due to circumstances it's gonna be earlier, which i am so excited about ! so, my partners friend has a van converted into a sort of camper with everything in it, he's letting us take it for 1/2 months to tour about the uk, i'll be gigging in cities and towns whilst we're on the road. Just for a wee taster you know?
    I don't think, come next year, this is what my partner wants to do, but i have it in my heart so this is another problem needing solving. Mally, you should just come along with me hahaha :)

  • Ha ha ha.... I'd go along with you anytime Suzy. Do you know, that sounds do cool Suzy, travelling around whilst gigging. I'm sure you'll love it. Hope your partner does too. Whatever I choose to do I'll let you know where I am so we could always meet up anyway.

    Thanks to the rest of you guys too for all taking the time to share your thoughts. The comments have been really helpful.

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  • Wow, I've never lived in a van so I'd be a bit timid and say stay in bricks and mortar, but each to their own. Have you ever lived in a van before? The ideaof only having part-time washing and cooking facilities does not appeal to me, but you probably have more experience of this.
    Even though you would be a key holder would you be allowed to use the facilities in the evening? Or would you be doing it on the sly?
    If you don't take the job, where would you be going in your van?

  • May I ask you somethings? Why are you leaving your house, is it with the intention to travel? Is the part-time job just for the winter months with the plan to travel in the Spring? Do you have a Plan B if the job doesn't work out, i.e. somewhere to park the van/live in the van. If you go 'on the road' have you a plan to support yourself e.g. rent from your house or whatever? Best of luck with whatever you decide to do :-).