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  • Haldon Hill community

    "They come with allotments, a children's play area, and environmentally friendly features such as composting bins. "


    For those who don't necessarily want to escape the radar, and are looking mostly for a cheaper and more relaxed lifestyle, amongst like-minded folk, with eco bits thrown in, with possibility of travel as home is a caravan/etc. I guess people who would stay (or are already doing so) at caravan parks anyway.

    I'm wondering how much the rent and service charges will be for a pitch. ?

  • As Mr Bungo used to say 'its a pile of shit'

    Personally I would say , a waste of tax payers money , and a council getting its quota of travellers so it can evict anyone else from the area. Its like a 'reservation' and an insult as such.

  • It didn't look too bad to me, and may suit those who prefer a more stationary lifestyle, due to having kids at school or a settled job perhaps.

    More sinister was the advert at the top of the webpage promoting a "Traveller Removal" service by a firm of bailiffs. Nasty.

  • Yes, seems it can offer stability for those who need it, but so much of the council on your back brings up whole lot other troubles. And no woodburners!?

    A caravan park and moving a couple of times a year to ones nearby seems so much better ;)

  • You mean amongst the travellers? How would it be different to any traveller 'settlement'? Just wondering what you meant.

    Yes amongst travellers. Give them an inch and they want to move the fence. Any site where a individual or family don't fit in, they are asked/told/made to move. If they have the council behind them, it draws out, people take sides. The site becomes divided & harmony is lost. You either have peace or feud. Shared resources, community buildings will have a clique mgt structure. Site politics spill into every corner of site life. Travellers/ prepers/ self providers/ ego junkies all come with an agenda. Thats my take on provided sites.