Forget micro-camper... this is going to be my nano-camper! Meet my new van!

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  • Hello everyone!

    Some of you may remember me saying that I was going to buy a Ford Escort van and convert that... well, scrap that plan! I have bought a 2002 Citroen C 15 van instead! I love how simple and faff-free it is... no modern luxuries like electric windows or central locking here! (Fewer things to go wrong, in my book!)

    So, here he is. (I think it's a boy.... ) This is just about how I bought him two days ago, but I've taken the diesel soaked carpet out of the back and given it a very quick brush to get most of the dust/wood/stones out!

    Like I said he is a 2002 model, the number plate is a private one that I'm waiting for someone to put on retention. After that he goes back to his standard xx02 xxx plate.

    Now... I know what some of you are thinking... he's SMALL! Well, I'm small. And I'm going to be living out of him, not in him, and I don't really have much stuff to bring with me at all! I've tested lying down and it's going to be a tight fit but it's a fit all the same. I'm actually looking forward to the challenge of finding out ways to make the most of this little space.

    So, my job list for the coming few days:

    1. Give him a THOROUGH clean.
    2. Insulation (still thinking about the best way to approach this one).
    3. Carpeting out the back floor and possibly walls. I might find some form of flexy plastic to line the walls with.
    4. Privacy: boards for the back windows, black out curtains for over the bulkhead.
    5. Lighting: the current lighting (one light on the rear wall, one over the bulkhead) runs off the battery and that's no good for camping so I need to rewire that either to a leisure battery or remove it altogether and install new lights. I really want to line the ceiling with fairy lights!

    These are my immediate jobs. After that I'm going to be thinking about putting in some sort of bed (with storage underneath) and all the other essentials...

    I'm going to blog my progress on here so will write up a more thorough introduction to him and keep track of all my jobs.

    Watch this space!

    Raff ☮

  • Yes! Another small van conversion :D. I have a kangoo and it's amazing what you can do with a small space! Will post a link to my thread when I get home :)

  • Cool van - I swear by Citroens :)

    How easy is it to remove the bulkhead? 'cos if you can take that out you should be able to get a load more sleeping space.

    I've just had a look at that actually. It's only a few bolts to get the bulkhead out - nothing major. I might only get a few centimetres extra if I do take it out though.. my driving position means the seat is already quite far back. Will have to have a little test! :)

  • Great project! Best of luck with it & don't forget to keep us updated!

    BTW why not get rid of the passenger seat altogether & make one long level space for sleeping? The foot-well could be then utilised as a storage space.

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  • Vauxhall Combo ,kitted out .
    Sheep Wool Insulation ,(floor roof and side panels ) Ply all around , then carpet all round for finishing trim } Warm as toast .(can cook in it but be extremely carefull }

  • Here's my kangoo thread:…done-%28pretty-much%29%21

    It's quite similar to solo1's from the look of it. If you can get rid of the bulkhead like Paul says, and if those seats lean forward enough, then you can come up with a way of getting more sleeping space out of it!

    I get good light from a little battery operated LED from Go Outdoors, though that might not be cost effective if you're using the van a lot or living in it. Fairy lights are good too!

    van4 by inklehippy, on Flickr

  • These pictures are fantastic!!! And it's so useful for me to see the sleeping space in similar size vans. Thank you!!

    I was thinking of making a bed frame that has storage underneath like that.

    Here's a picture that I think only we wonderful folk will understand... my 'house' key! ;)


  • Before you put insulation in, get some flashing tape (Evostick Flashband is a brand, others are available) and stick it to the inside of the panels. It'll act as good sound deadening and vibration dampening. It'll make the van sound less tinny as you drive so you can hear the stereo. I'm currently fitting out a Daihatsu Hijet as a stealth(ish) camper and have lined the rear panels with flashing tape before I've fitted the insulation - it is so much quieter.

  • flash banding and shiny sided buble wrap, 2 or 3 layers of bubble wrap make for a surprising amount of insulation, then cut your lining boards from 4mm ply and carpet them, make it nice and cozy

  • Looks really great, hope it goes well.

    I'll be keeping an eye on your progress, as I plan to convert my Zafira soon and might get some new ideas!

    Is this your first project?

    Yep! I used to have a VW T2 (1976) but I didn't have to do anything more than very basic tidying up to that. I've never converted anything before! I'm about to start a little blog to keep track of the conversion so keep an eye out for that! :)

  • I'll be watching this one like a hawk, as ive been lokoing at vans for a while now, and small ones, but theres a fair few to choose from. Have fun though and well done actually getting it :).