Getting about on a bicycle

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  • How many of you go everywhere on your bike? Bought myself a bike for 80quid this weekend, due to working away i have no choice driving long distances so i thought it would make me feel more free on a weekend, and it did indeed, great feeling, no rush, and means i can peddle down to the estuary to go fishing or to the shop for a bottle of wine :).

  • I cycle everywhere if I can. Sometimes I have to drive for work but weeks can go by where I don't drive. I do live in a hilly part of the country (Cornwall) but I don't normally find it a problem even though my bike one has one gear.
    I sometimes find it hard when I am towing a trailer but that is not too often and I get off and push if it becomes too much.
    I have cycled all my life and it still puts a massive smile on my face even when it is raining and blowing a gale.
    I love cycling around town in all the traffic. I get a real buzz zipping in and out of the cars and I know all the short cuts and back streets. Most places I go to on my bike now know me and accept that I am going to bring my bike in. Even the bank allow me or should I say tolerate me taking my bike in.

    It keeps you fit, you meet more people, no tax to the government (more on this later) no parking problems, you are more in touch with the weather, no MOTs, cheaper to buy than a car, cheaper to run that a car, you can take them on the train and some busses have bike carriers. What is not to like.

    If you use your bike for work then you can claim 20p per mile tax relief. Get on!


  • 'If you use your bike for work then you can claim 20p per mile tax relief. Get on!'

    Is that true !!! I saw a man with a parrafin stove welded to his handle bars in Nepal , and he was a mobile fried egg vendor ,he had a big stack of eggs and sliced loaves on the rear carrier and was doing a roaring trade . Wonder if something like that is feasable in the UK . I have a good supply off eggs :)

  • So I have some sheep a mile from home , have to visit once a day, 365 x 2= 730 x 20p = £146

    I don't currently pay tax or NI as I am low earnings. Should the government be paying me £146 ?

    Currently I walk , but would it pay me to ride ? By gum , its a rum world , I could be rich and never new :)

  • I do a 100 miles a week going to work on the bike, I can drive but Mrs Burgo uses the car for her work.

    Thing is I don't ride for leisure at weekends, as I feel sick of the bike after all that commuting.

  • I want to give up the car and cycle, but the shops are 10 miles away, a 20 mile round trip, we have long winters of -20 and lots of snow and ice.. did try ice biking last winter, the air is so cold it hurt my throat everytime I went cycling in those conditions...

  • See im the other way around, as i drive so much distance with work on a weekend i just want to not do it, so ive got the bike, now ive been reasearching the bike trails in bristol and suprised how many places you can access using these routes. Must get a helmet though as there are some crazy people on the road!

  • I cycle into work most days and walk the others.....have started cycling longer distances the last few months too and am really enjoying it. I can get up hills now that i used to have to wheel the bike up so i must be getting fitter :)

  • Definatly, i have to do hard PT every day with my job and do you know what, i still got out of breath on the bike on the weekend, mind you it was the first time in a long time haha. Definatly see the benefits though, i even made some sandwhiches and a flask of tea and took it in a bag on my back. I just stopped and thought whats the rush? Then carried on, fished for a few hours with an old guy who invited me along (both fish and lived near each other a while but only now have we started talking etc through our great hobby). He took my rods down in his car, i cycled back, and when i was done, popped my rods in his car and cycled back. Cant wait to do some more this weekend.

  • I have a road bike but wish I'd bought a mountain bike instead! The farm roads around here are full of holes and stones - I keep getting punctures! There are some hills with long private access roads that I'd like to do, but again, no good on a road bike.

    To be honest I don't really like cycling on roads. You can feel the rage of the drivers stuck behind you, and I always feel quite exposed to the traffic (and I don't like wearing a helmet because it makes me look ridiculous).

    And I've just worked out what I travel to work every week - 225 miles! At 20p a mile I could claim back £45.

  • I cycle or walk most places. Been cycling again ever since I bought a bike to cycle to work in Edinburgh, got it for £20 from the guy in our corner shop. Next new bike was when I bought one for Josh too, he wanted to quit smoking and exercise; Halfords had 2 bikes for £99.

    Occasionally I don't cycle when Josh is there with the van but we have very limited use of it.

    I have a trailer for the bike for shopping; I used to use it for work it is a substantial beast of a thing.

    I didn't used to wear a helmet, now I don't give a stuff what I look like, I wear my helmet. I've stood in too many displays demonstrating how and why we should wear helmets holding smashed up helmets donated by people who are still (thankfully) alive, not to wear a helmet now.

  • Yeah its amazing how ridiculous helmets make you look beachy, but then again when your blowing into a straw to get someone to change your nappy due to the brain damage caused by falling of n cracking your skull on one of them roadside rocks. At least you wont feel ridiculous knowing a twenty quid helmet from argos or any bike shop would have saved you

  • Right after that rant i thought i better post about this, i cycle to work if im long term at one place of work. Most of the time im faster on the bike than in the van anyway, its more fun cycling. I get to work smiling puffing n panting. But then again i turn traffic into one big obstacle course.
    I also mountain bike, downhill and cross country. Cycling to work i wear my full face helmet and safety specs to stop flys n other assorted crap getting into my eyes. For cross country i wear full face helmet and elbow/fore arm pads and knee/shin guards and again safety specs, mud or flys in your eyes at about thirty mph gets scary when the trees dont move out of your way. For downhill i have bigger knees shin guards, a mesh top with a full length armadillo spine protector, shoulder pads, chest plate, kidney belt and elbow to wrist pads, and of course my full face helmet n specs.

  • Cycling is my main form of transport, had the same bike for 15 years and just change the tyres depending on whether I'm out mtb, or just out and about...I love the view you get of the countryside from the humble bicycle, apart from all the dead roadside animals...I don't like city cycling because of the many driving twats....and I read a study somewhere that the more like a proper cyclist you look the less consideration drivers give you...but I personally feel more intimidated by the special brew cyclists....

  • I cycle everywhere dude, never owned a vehicle, never got a license, and never regretted it (even in the depths of winter). I absolutely love it, something would have to go seriously wrong for me to even consider getting a vehicle.