Length or Width.

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  • Wonder who'll do a Carry on gag first ;) Ok awhile back i asked advice on vans and I've got it down to about 2-3 vans, what I want to know is which is better a van that is longer or a van that is wider load wise. According to a website I've found, the transit connect lwb is around 200mm longer inside than the vito and transporter but the vito and transporter are roughly 200mm wider than the connect, the load height is roughly the same but whichever I get I'd be looking at a pop up top anyways.

  • Do you want to sleep across your van? And have slightly better arrangement of furniture. Go Wide.

    Do you need to go through narrow lanes? My van only just fitted through a barrier in Spalding, designed to keep HGV's to the other horrible road. Go narrow.

    Since I live out of my van/shed/workshop on wheels rather than live in my van. I go long, not wide.


  • Much appreciated Dave, you know when you get one thing in your mind and it never thinks of something different well I got that way with the sleeping length ways, simply because imo the connect is way to narrow for that but when I looked at the vito I never thought of sleeping across which is only around 3in less than what I am in height.

  • My bed is long ways because I have a bicycle(s) alongside the bed. This wouldn't work with a cross ways bed. The bikes cannot fit across the width.

    The 'furniture' is also totally removable. As an idea, I did a bike repair on Wednesday, drove to an interview and camped out overnight, then went gardening the following day, followed by a house removal.

    As I said, I live 'out of' rather than 'in' my van.

  • As for VW T4, even if it's wider, you won't be able to comfortly sleep across, unless you're 165cm or less. I have converted one myself and after a lot of measuring and trying different layouts, I ended up with a "normal" bed. I'm 172cm and I wasn't able to fully stretch my legs when I tried fitting the bed across the van.

    VW T4 is widest at the sliding door and narrowest in the back. As for length, VW T4 SWB has 240cm from the back of the driver's seat to the tailgate. I guess VW T5 is not much different.

    If you want to have a bed to sleep across, you'll have to look at larger vans such as VW LT, Fiat Ducato (Citroen Jumper, Peugeot Boxer), Mercedes Sprinter, etc.

  • I sleep across my van coz I'm not very tall, but if you're sleeping lengthways then I would definitely say go long.

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  • I'm torn between a ford transit connect lwb high roof and a mercedes vito, I did have the vw transporters on my list but with what I've seen so far I can get a newer connect and vito with less mileage for my money. Also not seen that many around where I live.

  • Dont forget the big Iveco Daily 35s12, ex royal mail, good service history's, pre bashed so no prima donnas need apply lol, bigger than a jumbo transit, rwd, 2.3ltr as basic, mines is huge inside, just insulated and carpeted mine, Ime 5 10 and around 275lbs and have a standard single bed and hanging cloth wardrobes and havel got plenty of room to still swing the cat lol.