Anybody In Ireland?

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  • Got the chance to stay in a cottage in Ireland for a couple of weeks, don't want to take the car. Anyway getting to Ireland is no problem, getting from Dublin to Waterford/Cork is no problem, getting to the cottage from Waterford/Cork is a problem as buses are seldom if any to anywhere near the cottage as far as I can find out. So is hitchhiking safe in Ireland or are the buses more frequent than they seem to be on the websites.

    ps Put Waterford and Cork down as not so sure which I'm going to first and their pretty much the same distance from the cottage anyways.

    Also passport, getting mixed views on a passport. Some say you need one some say you don't then some are saying if you fly you need one but if you go by ferry you don't. Mines out of date but some are giving me advice I only need my photo driving license.:confused:

  • I go by ferry to Ireland all the time never needed a passport, never had my ID checked. Hitch hiking is safe in Ireland, I'm sure
    you will get a lift no problem.


  • Intercity buses run a reasonable service, but out in the further back of beyond bus frequencies range from weekly to never. Best get the thumb out!

    I've never been asked for a passport on the ferry, although Ryanair insist on them. Logically, as there's no need for a passport when crossing the land border between north and south then one shouldn't be needed at any other entry point.

  • no you dont need a passport on the ferry,
    if you really want to play up.... have no proof of your existence what so ever,
    its called the reciprocal agreement, goes back to Independence
    english can go to Eire & irish can come here & when they want no questions

    planes are a different story, i need a passport to fly from dorset 2 scotland WTF FFS !

    as for hitching in ireland fookin go for it mate,
    you will get lifts, meet people, find the best pubs,herb,sites
    its one of the best ways to see the country,

    rebels meet rebels :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    enjoy yourself ... ps if near cork visit Dunmanaway .. sound as a punt !

  • Thanks for the help and info, just going for a few days but hopefully if I've got a van by next summer will be going for longer next year.

  • you would have got a lift no problem in Ireland maybe 10 years ago, doubt you would these days, as for flying to Ireland, you'd need your passport, at the ferry sometimes I would be asked for photo ID, so a driving license or a passport would be needed..