am i mad

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  • I'm 45 and never been so broody in my life, I have 2grown up kids in their 20's and never wanted any more kids till now even thinking about artificial insemination I am single and prefer it that way. Am I totally mad to be even considering this at my age or is it a last chance at being a mummy again

  • I think you should ask yourself what is the driver for you wanting to be a mum at 45? Without a partner I would ask is it the impending loss of the ability to be a mum that is creating this, and/or the potential loss of feminine identity?

    Unfortunately you are probably aware that older mothers are at more risk of giving birth to children with problems. When your offspring is a teenager you will be practically be a pensioner. Between now and then statistically you have more chance of a serious illness, who will look after them and is it fair to ask them at whatever age they are when it happens to look after you.

    Whilst I can sympathise with your wishes for your own fulfillment because I know a number of women who felt the same way, I would ask you to look at it from the prespective of the life you would bring into this world and what it may mean for them. Sure a lot will be hypothetical, but the milk, honey and perfect chance are as hypothetical as much as the down sides.

    Best wishes in reaching your decision either way.


  • Hi im 48, but can remember thinking a couple of years back ,if it dont happen again soon it will be too late, but phase of my life, im thinking no way!grand kids are coming along at a rate of knots, you can do all the good stuff, silly stuff, get the cuddles, make em hyper and send em home!that suits me.i really can understand, if you really want it to happen, and you can make it happen, whatever way, do will be harder, you re not as young, and sounds like you ll be goin it alone, but theres only 1 person can say if its right for you.good luck on whatever you decide.or you could just wait for the grand kids lol x

  • Aye. Yer mad. But it's probably hormones, if you start feeling very emotional, get strange moontimes and feel not yourself, I'd see a doc. This must be your body saying this is your last chance, woman, etc. ask yer kids for grandkids :-)

  • Thanks for the advice I'm going to have to ride these feelings out and hope they go away I realize that it's not realistic to have a kid at my age I think I just enjoyed being a mum so much I really miss having young kids around, don't think I will be getting grandkids any time soon both sons are dead set against it , I probably need to find something else in my life I can focus on. I might end up as a crazy cat lady with hundreds of cats to compensate lol

  • you don't *have* to ride them out at all ;) i am 45 with a 5 yr old and often get broody for another. there are plenty of older mothers out there. there are also other options such as fostering etc.

  • ps:

    "Over the last two decades, increasing amounts of women have had babies over the age of 35. Figures from the Office for National Statistics show year upon year increase in fertility and birth rates for this age group. The over-35′s now have the fastest growing birthrates while the number of women having babies in their 40′s have nearly doubled in ten years. Statistics show that in 2010, 27,000 babies were born to women over 40 compared with 9,336 in 1989. In fact around one in five women is 35 or older when she gives birth."

    According to the Office for National Statistics in 2011, in England and Wales, while 1,832 babies were born to mothers age 45 or over, at least 31,643 babies were born to fathers aged 45 and over.