The Israeli conflict in a nutshell please

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  • Can anyone explain what the hell is going on in Israel?

    I see it on the news every night but I do not have a clue what on earth is going on, who are the bad guys, who are the good guys, how long it has been going on and whether or not there will be a resolution to the conflit.

    Does anyone really know what is going on?


  • In a nutshell? Thewealthy on both sides are fighting over access to the resources of that area and are using the ordinary men and women to do their fighting for them.
    Whoever wins, you can bet that regular folks with be the losers.

  • As much as I'm opposed to the way Israel has behaved, I can't help feeling a little understanding towards it too. I'm not condoning their actions, but I can kinda see their motives...

    Palestine has (in my knowledge, although I'm happy to be corrected) never been a free state. Before the British created Palestine in 1920 the region was under control of the Ottoman empire, before that a few smaller caliphates held the reigns, and before that The Roman Empire.

    Under Caliphate (including Ottoman) rule, Anyone who wasn't Muslim had to follow a different set of rules - and I believe that, for the large part, Jews and Christians could only practise their religion if they paid special taxes. Ergo, persecution from day one.

    So, if the state of Palestine only existed for 28 years and the Jews really did need somewhere safe and free from persecution, is it really right to use historical presence to argue for an independent Palestine now?

    I don't know the answers - I mean, really I don't. But when you look at the mess the Arab states are in, the current rise of ISIS and the way they're behaving towards Christians and groups like The Yazidis, is it really any wonder Israel keeps its guard up in the harshest way possible?