Any Stealth Camper recommendations?

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  • Hi guy's,
    What a great little nugget I found with this site!
    Ok, so following my marital separation and pending divorce :D I'm going to be looking for a new home that will be a van!
    I'll have a budget of £3k to £5k to get a van but want to keep it stealth as I'm planning on keeping all costs to a minimum and will be happy living and parking up wherever I can for free.

    What I'm initially trying to find is advice on what vans to avoid and why?
    Where is the best place to find vans?

    Although I can be handy, I'd sooner get a van thats ready to go rather than convert one.

    Any help or advice would be great. Sorry if there is a thread like this already that I've missed ;)

  • I would have thought that if you want stealth you would need a plain white, non descript panel van with no windows. I think it may be hard to find such a van that is also fitted out in a way you like.

    If I were you I would find a good reliable van and fit it out yourself. This is not as hard as it seems. Just buy a cheap caravan and strip out the interior.

    Fit skylights instead of windows

    Welcome to the forum by the way


  • Hi Like you I seperated and divorced and decided to live in a van, that was over ten years ago and I don't regret a minute of it. What I do regret are the cockups I made with my first van. check out what I did at Firstly space is the big thing, get the biggest van you can and make sure you insulate it well. It's ok to live in a van with poor insulation in the summer but in the winter you'll freeze your nuts off. And belive me cooking outdoors in the winter is no fun so you have to have a basic kitchen in the van as well as somwhere to kip at night and somwhere to live when its pouring down with rain forr weeks on end.
    For me panel vans are ok for short term holiday conversions but for long term living it has to be a luton box van. If you want any info just drop me a line.

  • Hi Aman, thanks for that. I have thought of a DIY option, but the snag is the funds to get me on the road will be from the sale of the house, once its sold, I'll be out and have no where for a DIY job!

  • Hi Ironman, just looked through your site, what a fantastic life you've made!
    Thanks for the tips. although I've not looked at anything yet, I was only thinking of the VW transporter or Transit size, but after reading your site I can see that a bigger van, would probably be better and ironically be more stealth too!

    Work and money is the other thing I'm looking into, at the moment I do some web design and a bit of web consulting, but I also have a background in photography so I'm looking at what I can put together to keep me going that I can do with limited power and internet too.

    A luton is probably the last thing I'd have thought of, but yes, defiantly worth looking at - thanks.
    I'll drop you an email to and say hi!

  • Best stealth I ever saw was a 7.5 ton ford curtain sided lorry. When the curtains were closed it was a lorry, but pull the curtains back and the side was a motorhome with door and windows so he could get onto campsites when needed. A small door led from the cab to the back for use in stealth mode.
    And 7.5 tonners can be very cheap to buy.

  • Quote

    Best stealth I ever saw was a 7.5 ton ford curtain sided lorry

    another benefit of this is that i saw a car-park opposite Cromer beach front ... £5 per night lorries only ... no caravans , campers , or motorhomes......would be excellent if said vehicle had a sleeper cab ... hehehe:insane:

  • In all honesty
    Get a motorhome! Ready made ready to go easy to attach solar too and in my case
    Draw no attention at all. I park up between a national trust car park, United utilities car park and a dozen residential streets near my work and I've never been pulled over or bothered. Closest thing I get to being noticed is a van rental company who's owner smiles at me when I arrive home after work. Id have thought it'd draw more attention but it seems to be having the opposite effect!

  • Welcome 1man1tent... great idea with the van. Hope all goes as smoothly as it can with yer divorce ...

    Tinker- wow visited your blog... it has been an inspiration and your lifestyle is fantastic.
    I am going to get a van I really am and (despite being female) im going to have a go at doing up the inside myself... im not too bad with the old wood work malarky and so long as i take my time i should be ok.
    Good luck 1man1tent

  • Oh wow im wetting myself with excitment now Tinker- ive checked out a bit more of your site and see you have bill hooks for sale... i do a bit of greenwoodworking too. I have been looking for a bill hook for ages, i have one but id like another. Will probaly be doing business with you soon :-)

  • I know im a girl LOL but I wouldnt mind some hints and tips on buying vans - specifically for converting to camper/ mobile home. It will just be for me and I dont have a license for 7.5 tonne truck :-(
    I will only need enough space for living eating and sleeping quaters and perhaps some kind of space where can do my art and make things.
    I was thinking along the lines of a transit hightop or a 3.5 tonne truck with box cabin. Maybe even a small horse box type thing, Perhaps nothing older than 15 years old. Any suggestions for the best types of model make to go for and one reknowned for being reliable - ish?

  • I bought a Iveco 35S12 van, 07 plate, service history, 90000kms, ex Royal Mail. Body bit bashed as is usual for mail trucks but its freakin huge lol, just moved out of my rental 2 weeks ago and Ime insulating my van as I type, I just flung my bedroom furniture in it, 2 sets of drawers, desk, large office chair, full size single bed and mattress, a long coffee table with longer legs fitted that Ive put my sink and cooker unit on (just hooked up the propane and had my first home made cuppa in "Big Red") a porta potti (for emergency use only hopefully) and a cooler box. Keep having to move it all to insulate, nightmare lol. Its a stealth camper, will be fitting 2 x roof vents, mainly for natural light, and a couple of whirlies to keep the air fresh when vents closed, then a couple of batts with split charger for internal power, also a solar panel for those longer park ups. Probably wire up for 240 volt too. But cash flow is slowing me down as usual.Can recommend these vans, way bigger than a jumbo transit, wanted one for years, sold my renault trafic 9 seater to buy it as it was really too nice to muck about (and too small for me inside).