Busy being ill

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  • So I haven't been on here for a while as I've been tucked away hiding from the world
    Health took a dive and I got crippled with anxiety and panic attacks which led to me wanting to sell up and move back into a fixed home
    Decided that as much as I hate medication im now taking stuff for it and god im glad I didn't sell up as it would of been a major downer for me!
    I was told that living in a small space or van could of been one cause of it but I think thats a little silly to be the full cause of it
    Been in a van for almost 2 years in total now and im still over the moon and finding it exciting!
    Hope everyone is well and weekends good for you all. Im currently at bearded theory festival and it's wet and glorious

  • Hi 4dscumpunx - Hope you are feeling better, I know how you feel as I myself used to suffer from panic / anxiety
    and depression, so I know how it is first hand, and how debilitating it can be, but keep your chin up, it can be treated and most people learn to deal with it, non of the medications they gave me worked apart from Diazepam, but they wont prescribe that anymore, well you might get 14 days out of them .... I used the online CBT programmes, and herbal remedies, and slowly but surely it disappeared.
    If you fancy a chat or a natter about it you can always p/message me. :panic:

  • Cheers toby always good hearing off people on ere.
    Yeah dave getting better it's a little hard with not doing any drugs and going into strong anti depressants but I'll fight through.
    Has anybody got any festivals lined up this year? X