Any Banking Advice Out There, Please?

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  • I know this topic has come up from time to time, but the banking world is one that changes a fair amount and I thought I would raise it again.

    Does anyone know of a bank that really does operate on ethical principles (I don't mean one that claims to be ethical whilst having sold its soul to some fairly questionable interests)?
    Does this bank, if it exists, have an online banking facility?
    If so, can one view any personal, business and credit card accounts on the same web page at the same time?
    When using online banking to pay bills or otherwise shift money about will the payments immediately be reflected in what is shown on the screen?
    Can local post offices be used to deposit and withdraw money?

    I suspect I may know the answer, but I would love to be surprised.

    Maybe I could learn to do without the services of a bank, but I find the facilities that a bank should offer quite useful.

  • Credit Union fills the first criteria you give, ethics, but none of the others.

    Can you see personal, business and credit card accounts on the same page?
    Hmm Halifax allow you to see Balance/available for as many accounts as you have IN YOUR NAME on one page
    Santander offer the same.

    Others I do not know of.

    But a personal account and a business account are legally two separate entities, a credit card is usually run by an offshoot of the bank as a legally separate business. So actually being able to see transactions/history for all three accounts at the same web page is questionable. In computing terms it would be like having my bank account, your business account and somebody else' credit card. In banking terms they are just as 'linked' as the three accounts you hold. Logic and obvious are not words which should be applied to banking, finance nor in this case computing.

    When shifting money between accounts, different banks operate at different speeds. The bigger and badder tending to be the fastest.

    And as has already been said, you can deposit/withdraw funds at main post office for most UK banks. Sub post offices may or may not offer the facility.

    :beard:former accountant keeping up with the financial times in the potting shed!

  • Thanks for your responses so far. It took me forty years to become pissed off enough with NatWest and their shenanigans to close my accounts. Unfortunately, the website thing was something they did actually get right. Living fairly remotely that has turned out to be quite important. For a start the page design and text were actually legible! I could see the balances of current and savings accounts on both personal and business accounts as well as my credit card balance on the home page once I'd logged in. Maybe it was because my business accounts were my name "trading as" my business name. Transferring money and paying bills was easy and credits and debits I made between the accounts showed up when the page was automatically refreshed on completing the transaction (except for credits to my credit card which could take a couple of days). Examining transactions and statements was as easy as clicking on the account name. I assumed that all online accounts worked that way.

    It seems they don't. Even though I have a T/A account for my business the new bank requires a completely different log in procedure for both personal and business accounts. Transactions don't show up immediately, sometimes not until the next day. Life is too short to be spending it logging in and out of different banking web sites and in these times should it really be necessary to sit there with a calculator and a notebook to see how many more bills I can afford to clear? Add to that I have had at least two occasions where I have transferred money from one account to another (or so I thought) to cover a payment and the transfer has not actually gone through leaving me overdrawn and facing outrageous charges. Because the transactions don't show up in the totals until some time later I had no way of knowing whether the transfers had been made. I just don't understand how that can happen :curse:

    Oh well.:panic:

    Changing banks last year was not a smooth operation and the thought of having to do it again makes me feel rather queasy.