Walkabout performers / dancers needed

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  • Needed for bearded theory, blissfields, nozstock and green man, to dance and generally entertain in 12ft tall backpack-mounted stick puppets. Feel free to express an interest in one, some or all of these festis. This is a busier summer than usual for our puppets so we need a few extra people to make up our numbers. We go to festis as crews of 6. Must be fit and healthy and confident enough to wear the puppets in large crowds in front of main stages and in crowded dance tents. Must be an experienced festival goer and enjoy a dance, although previous 'dance performance' experience is not needed. We normally tend to work for 2 hrs in the afternoon and then 2 hrs in the evening/night on-and-off on each day of the festival, although we do tend to play it by ear regarding times and hours we work for. We also rotate roles and each crew member will spend much of the 'work' time just enjoying the festival and being on hand to help out the pair of the crew who are wearing the costumes at the time. So each person does not spend 4 hrs a day actively dancing in the costumes. We're in brighton and dancers must be able to come and meet us face to face and try our puppets on first. See facebook.com/puppetualmotion for video and photos.

  • Thanks, Tipi. Glad you liked them. Installing lights on them this year too. I think the bimble ones were probably another brighton-based puppeteer who we know.

  • Saw you at Bearded last year and this, great puppets. I'd love to be involved, can't this year thro' already committed. I will contact you next year on the off chance you need help then. Have a good season :)

  • Yep, they were great again this year.

    The lad with the long black hair needs to learn not to push through
    people though. There are people in various conditions at a fest like BT, and barging
    by some will cause a fuss, i witnessed and had to stop someone kicking off on him. Just a gentle
    heads up.

  • hello hippies. i am mrs puppet,so when we're on the subject of puppets, ew are pretty much of one. am thinking of changing my name to mrs puppet
    ms x-ray-specs ; why thankyou for your interest (oh god, now i made it sound like appyling for a job, nothing like that at all). Always good to build up our family of puppeteers. one of us will pm you.
    Tipi - thanks for the heads-up. all constructive criticism( is that how you spell it) taken. we'll talk to everyone - make it part of all the information we give to anyone in our puppet crew. we'll take care to make sure this is not an on-going problem. we don't want to piss people off, quite the opposite-we just want to party with our puppets and help peeps to have a good time!
    A bit ironic, but the lad with the long black hair mentioned while we were still at the festi, that someone had spoke to him about the same issue: similar complaint about one of our female spotters. so yes we're aware of this and get rid of it!!!