Lucie The Vandwelling Dog.

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  • Lucie my lovely vandwelling dog has left me for the fields in the sky, I am heartbroken, miss her so much, she was a

    great van guard dog - she kept me safe, luckily my son is a vet, so she passed away on her seat in the van, very

    peaceful and calm, she was with me for 13 and half years - how it hurts to lose our friends:(

  • I'm so sorry your lovely dog has passed away she looked beautiful, some people don't understand the pain of losing a pet but you get so attached to them plus their nicer than a lot of people !
    My thoughts are with you.

  • Oh no, I'm so very sorry for you. Sending my love to you. It's so very hard to lose your fur friend. Hope you have people around to support you x

  • Thank you for your replies, she was a great dog, she had great life, she loved the van life, a very well travelled dog.


  • Our Hector had to be put down recently after 13 loyal years at the centre of our extended family; our 5 grandsons had not known life without him. He was a celebrity even known to bring festivals to a standstill. It 's one of the worst times. We carry him in our van in an urn always. You have our deep felt sympathy. Keep on truckin, Toby.

  • Thanks Dieseldog, I get her ashes tomorrow, so she will be back in the van with me, although she was called Lucie, I often called her
    Lilly, and the van was called 'Lilly's House'. I will definitely 'keep on trucking' I can't live without my van.

    Dolly :)

  • I never owned a dog, but a dog owned me.
    I was adopted by a beach dog in Candolim, Goa, India about 17 yrs ago. Although I only stayed there for approximately one month a year that dog would pick up my scent and stay with me for the month, and it made no different how many times the owners came and took him away, next morning he would be back. And this went on for twelve years. Every visit he would insist on examining the apartment I was staying in, and after that he would not need to come in again. But when I went in 2008 a car had broken his pelvis and it was all he could do to walk, so I visited him at home. Imagine my surprise when the next morning he was on the beach finding me at my bed. And for the ten weeks I was there he came to the beach. And then two weeks after I returned home in 2009 I got an email to say he had just gone to sleep on the beach and not woken up. And I've got a shiver running over me as I type this. Like other dog owners I was very very fortunate to have known him.14 Goa viv n bobby0907_small.jpg

  • What a lovely story ThatManViv, dogs are so special, they just loves us, such a pure love too, I was just out walking in the park
    thinking about how much I miss lucie, when this random terrier ran up to me tail wagging and liked my leg - how sweet, made
    me feel better, like I said they are so special.


  • This thread makes me almost cry ever time i read it, ive almost been there a couple o times with my pup. Shes only turned two on the first. Yeah they get so far under ur skin its unreal.
    Not sure yet whos the april fool, mia for being born on the first or me for getting the mental collie!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Yet i luv her more than most ppl i know

    - - - Updated - - -

    N she luvs me more than anyone ever has

  • Yes heartbreaking two fellers died a few years ago in Ireland.The first guy Charlie died when I was away from home,in my grief I got the next flight back and the pain and sorrow are still with me.The second guy Rua, a year later,I was able to be with and tell him how very much I loved him and how special his friendship had been to me.
    Although writing this still brings tears it mattered so much being with him during his final weeks and to hold him at the end to say goodbye.
    Im 57 now and wonder if I should have another companion.
    Sorry for your loss Dolly.

  • My sincerest condolensces. She looks like such a lovely girl. I hope that your grief will heal as you are able to remember the good times you shared together. That void is so awful so soon afterwards. Loved too much to ever be forgotten. xxx

  • Thank you all for your replies, she meant so much to me we 'lived' such a life together, I wanted her to be remembered that's why
    I posted on here, she has been gone nearly 6weeks but the grief I felt for her was just awful, I have her ashes now so she is back
    in the van where she belongs.

    Last week I came across a little doggy soul that needed a home, having thought I wouldn't get another dog, well life just isn't
    the same without a doggy friend, so I have a puppy her name is Grace, she is a Labrador x collie, and she is settling in to van
    life, she can't replace Lucie but she is helping mend my broken heart :)

    (tried to post pic of her but won't accept it

  • Thanks for this post, it's made me look at my dog 4legs and realise that although he drives me to distraction sometimes I would be lost without him. My condolences for your loss, and I hope the new dog helps ease the pain and goes on to become another character in your van life.