Sunrise Celebration Festival

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  • Sunrise Celebration Festival

    29th May – 1st June 2014
    Chepstow Estate (only a stone’s throw away from Bristol).

    Get all the details on music talks and more at:

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    Sunrise has packed its magic box and is headed for Chepstow, just outside Bristol for the 2014 rebirth of Britain’s favourite sustainable music festival.

    A 4-day feast of family friendly fun, entertainment, music, talks and workshops. Sunrise 2014 is brought to you by those festival wizards who have been giving the South West it’s brightest and best summer party since 2006!


    The Chai Wallahs Stage

    Reeps 1 // The Correspondents // The Mouse Outfit ft Dr Syntax & Sparks
    MC Xander // Joe Driscoll & Sekou Kouyate // Sheelanagig
    Gypsy Hill // By the Rivers // Typesun
    Talisman // Onlyjoe // Dizraeli & Downlow
    Honeyfeet // Yumi & the Weather // Lund Quartet
    Cocos Lovers // Sam Green & the Midnight Heist // The Drop
    Intermission Project // Bristol Afrobeat Projectt // Teotima
    Ergo Schmidt // Strictly Steppas // Phillip Henry & Hannah Martin
    Wille & The Bandits // Neuropol // Jungle By Night
    Index & Fingerfood // Rozi Plain // This is The Kit
    Walk // Daddy Skitz // The Allergies
    Wrongtom // Asbo Disco // Will and the People

    The Waveform Stage

    Thursday = Waveform

    Space Tribe // Eat Static (Live) // ZubZub // Globular // JimJam // Adnate

    Friday = IllumiNaughty

    Killerwatts (Nano Records) // Tristan (Nano Records) // Avalon (Nano Records) Kristian (Dacru Records) // Hypnocoustics (Liquid Records) // Liquid Ross (Liquid Records) // Bekas (Planer Soundz) // Zap Attack (H2O Records) // John Cockle (Joof Editions) Thallom (Cohesion) // Monster (Chichime) // Matt Lickess (illumiNaughty) // Steve Podmore (illumiNaughty)

    Saturday = TRiBE of FRoG

    Live Acts: Laughing Buddha (Nano records) // Brainiac (grasshopper) // Mekka (joof)

    Headline DJ: DJ Lucas (TIP World)

    DJs: Neutron (maharetta records) // Mikey (toadstool) // Spindrift (Mutagen)
    Pieman (tribe of frog - broken) // Geo (tribe of frog - tribal vision) // Psychosonic (tribe of frog)

    Sunday = Love of Dub

    Roots Garden Showcase ft. Nick Manasseh, Bob Skeng & MC Trooper // Roots Factory ft. Speng Bond // Irie Bingo Showcase ft. Shire Roots, JDB & Blazenstein // Freshly Baked ft. Seyah, Rhumius B, Bamalam & Lady Fyah // Disorda - Suspect Packages // Evermoor Sound // Derw Tha Damaja // Bareroots.

    The Uprising Stage

    Thursday = Inspiral Lounge

    Ott // Tripswitch // Mixmaster Morris Nick
    Interchill // Naked Nick // DJ Mudra // Aliji

    Friday = Love Dance


    Saturday = Give Festival


    Sunday = Eden/Triplicity Takeover

    SONIC SPECIES - Live - (Nano Records) // MASTER BLASTERS - Live - (Nano Records) // BRUJO'S BOWL - Live - (Zenon Records) // NANOSPHERE - Live - (Broken Robot Records) // JAMES WEST (Woo-Dog Recordings) // RICH NELSON (Triplicity) // 2CBEEBIES (Woo-Dog/Eden) // DEXTER (Eden)

    The Cat’s Cradle Stage

    Eat Static // ZubZub // Orchid Star // Invisible System DJ set
    Nathassia Devine // Zetan Spore // The Phoenix Rose //
    Manushka // Nanosphere Live // Buck Fillington // Markie B
    Dub Version // B-Sub-Lime // Jamez23 // Little Eris
    Polymetrics // DJ Second NatJah


    Eden Village: The Spit and Sawdust Stage

    First Acts announced more coming soon:

    Billy Rowan A.k.a. The Undercover Hippy; Your Dad; Strung; Colm Gray; Calico

    Ticket prices

    Adult Weekend Ticket- £99

    Teen Ticket (16-17 yrs)- £70

    Child Ticket (5-15 yrs)- £35

    Family (2 adults, 2 children)- £225

  • Isn't the new site the same as the one that hosts the Green Gathering the beginning of August? It'll seem strange going to a site i'm familiar with and it's a different festie! A like to go to different places for different festivals......

  • I'm sad I cant make this this year. If you like dance music check out the Bimble inn late at night, for 2 of the years I went it was just like a rave in there until dawn. Perhaps that's why they had to move sites!

  • Just kidding about it being too Full On- the line-up is lookin giddily SHIT HOT! :D Fuck, this looks such a good time, i can't wait! Everyone: Go to Sunrise Festie! :p